First photos of the Spanish 'curvy' model who has made history with Victoria's Secret

First photos of the Spanish ‘curvy’ model who has made history with Victoria’s Secret

The Sevillian Lorena Duran is the first model with curves that appear in the lingerie catalog of the website of the firm

She is not the first Spaniard to work for  Victoria’s Secret, but she is the first curvy model to do so and, with her signing,  Lorena Durán has made history by being part of an unprecedented decision for the well-known lingerie brand: to bet on the diversity. A very applauded gesture that comes in full announcement of new angels and after the controversy raised when one of them,  Barbara Palvin, was presented by the brand as curvy, with 55 kilos. A detail that did not go unnoticed and has now made the Spanish the first real curvy model of the brand

Lorena Duran curvy model Victorias Secret

© Victoria’s Secret

Lorena Durán is the first ‘curvy’ model of Victoria’s Secret

The Hungarian model, who had already filed for Victoria’s Secret in 2012 (and did not do so until last 2018 for not passing the rigorous castings of the firm) has spoken openly about the importance it had for her to accept their curves when they rained the critics by its physicist and even when several marks rejected it by their measures. Now, after this stage, the key to Palvin is to feel comfortable with his body  and be focused on his goals. Something that has also served Lorena Durán who, after eight years of career (she started when she was just 17), has lived one of her most special days as she has told us exclusively: “Imagine how I feel .. . I fulfilled one of my dreams, but above all I’m happy that brands as top as Victoria’s Secret bet on diversity, “says excited and turned into the first model with curves that appears on the website of the brand. 

Lorena Durán curvy model Victoria's Secret

© Victoria’s Secret

The Sevillian has realized her dream of working for the lingerie firm

This laboratory technique that dreamed of being a model and follow the steps of its reference, Tara Lynn, and which we met in 2015 during the Adlib fashion show in Ibiza  (where we casually asked her if she thought there would be wings for curvy women one day   You can add one more achievement to your career, which includes works with such important brands as El Corte Inglés , Violeta Mango , Asos, Intimissimi  or the recent collaboration of Sofía Vergara with Walmart . An honor, that of having been signed by Victoria’s Secret, which she shares with a select group of Spanish models who have filed for the firm or appeared in their catalogs over the years: Esther Cañadas, Clara Alonso, Eugenia Silva, Helena Barquilla, Almudena Fernández, Sheila Márquez, Vanessa Lorenzo and Blanca Padilla.

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A work commitment that makes the model have to spend long periods away from home and theirs: ” Until July I do not return to my beloved Seville, I miss it so much“. Although surely the sacrifice is worth it when he remembers that, with his example, she is helping many women to feel proud of their curves and to love each other more. Is this the first step to see models with curves on the catwalk of the sexiest parade in the world? In our first interview with her, four years ago, Lorena had it clear: “The day will come when Victoria will have to make designs for curvy women“Well, that moment has arrived and she is the protagonist, now we just have to wait until the next parade and see if this big step for the lingerie firm (and for the model) is completed on the catwalk.

And in the meantime, we applaud the success of another promising Spanish model outside our borders. And inside, because surely when she returns to her “beloved Seville”, she will be received as an authentic angel. What it is. Congratulations, Lorena!


© Victoria’s Secret

Lorena Durán is 25 years old and has been working as a ‘curvy’ model since she was 17. The Sevillian has become the first official signing ‘with curves’ of Victoria’s Secret, after the controversy raised by Barbara Palvin, who was presented with this’ label ‘by the firm causing a flood of criticism. 

The pretty Sevillian has worked for firms such as Asos, Zalando, El Corte Inglés, Intimissimi, Violenta Mango or, more recently, the collection designed by Sofía Vergara for Walmart. 


© Victoria’s Secret

Lorena has fulfilled with this work the dream of many models, as she herself has told us exclusively: “Imagine how I feel … I have fulfilled one of my dreams, but above all I am happy that brands as top as Victoria’s Secret bet on diversity. ” And we add to your happiness. 


© Victoria’s Secret

When we met Lorena in 2015, during the Adlib fashion show in Ibiza, we asked her about the inclusion of real women in firms such as Victoria’s Secret and she said: “This will reach such a level that Victoria will have to make designs for curvy women. ” What a reason she had! Now, this is a reality and her, its protagonist.


© Victoria’s Secret

The multiple professional commitments of the model lead her to spend long periods of time outside her city and away from her family and friends: “Until July I do not return to my beloved Seville, I miss her so much”.


© Victoria’s Secret

Lorena, who always wanted to be a model and follow in the footsteps of Tara Lynn, her reference, has managed to gain a foothold in the industry on her own merits and we predict a bright future. Next destination: the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. All the luck in the world, Lorena!


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