Fashion: Avoid at all costs wearing shoes without socks

Fashion: Avoid at all costs wearing shoes without socks

Although it is very trendy, wearing closed shoes without socks is a very bad idea for our health.

You will have noticed it all! Wearing short pants to reveal our ankle is very trendy. However, since then, socks have been banned from our wardrobe to avoid fashion faux-pas.

But wearing shoes without socks is a very bad idea . Indeed, our feet sweat profusely during a day. Without socks to absorb perspiration, they massaged in a warm and humid environment. The bacteria then grow abundantly and the consequences can be terrible.

What consequences for our health?

According to the College of Podiatry in the UK, the risk of developing fungi is even very important. The skin can then begin to peel. Tingling, redness and itching may also occur. Not wearing socks can also cause blisters, calluses or ingrown toenails.

To avoid health problems while keeping the style, go for as low socks as possible and change it every day. According to the Cosmopolitan website , also use talc for less perspiration. And above all, do not hesitate to buy shoes that breathe your feet.


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