Famous American TV actor Jane-Michael Vincent passed away, known for 'Airwolf'

Famous American TV actor Jane-Michael Vincent passed away, known for ‘Airwolf’

Veteran American actor Jane-Michael Vincent passed away, he was 73 years old. Vincent is known for his role in the TV series’ AirWolf. Variety dot com said that according to Vincent’s death certificate, he died on February 10 due to heart failure. Vincent’s acting career started in 1967. His first film was ‘The Bandits’, after which he also acted in ‘Buster and Billy’, ‘The Tribe’, ‘Hooper’ and ‘Damnation Eli’.Vincent became the most paid artist in American television during working in all three airwaves. He allegedly earned $ 200,000 per episode (about 14 million).

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RIP to actor Jan-Michael Vincent, best known for playing Stringfellow Hawke in the tv series Airwolf. He has died at the age of 74, but passed away on 10 February and the news has only recently emerged. He also appeared with Charles Bronson in The Mechanic, with Burt Reynolds in Hooper and was nominated for a Golden Globe for 1971 film Going Home and again in 1984 for miniseries The Winds of War. He suffered from health problems in later years including having had to have his lower leg amputated due to an infection. Very sad. ?#rip #janmichaelvincent #thewindsofwar #airwolf #surf #surfer #tv #television #actor #hollywood #losangeles #newyork #newyorkcity #brisbane #costume #actors #gay #instagram #instagay #gayinsta #hooper #burtreynolds

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Vincent stays in controversy over personal jingling Under the default judgment against them in 2000, they were forced to pay more than $ 350,000. They were accused of assaulting her girlfriends, which led to her abortion.

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In the same year he was sentenced to 60 days in jail for violating the probation of earlier arrests related to alcohol and being drunk publicly and attacking his fiancee.


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