Divorce had been 20 years, but the former husband fell sick, then donated the kidney

Divorce had been 20 years, but the former husband fell sick, then donated the kidney

Divorce Negativity is spread all around listening to these words. Two people look different Two people look different, who have vowed to live together. Well, whenever the news of someone’s divorce falls on the ears, then it seems that these two people will now be enemies of each other. But in every case it does not happen. In many cases, husband and wife remain good friends even after getting divorced. Both do not live together like husband and wife, but friendship is definitely necessary if they are needed. Something similar happened in the case of Mary Jaegler and Bill Henryich.

There is a place in the US Minnesota Mary and Bill live here. When both were 14 years old, they started dating each other. After 18, both of them got married. But when both were 24 years old, then there was some bitterness in relationships. The two decided to separate. So took divorced. But both of them did not break the friendship, thinking that the upbringing of the children could be done properly. That is, decided to stay friends.


After 20 years of divorce, both the kiddies of the bill got damaged. Many people have been tested for kidneys so that they can match the bill’s kidney. But no one could match the kidneys. Bill and Mary’s daughter had a kidney match. But her children were small, for this reason she could not donate kidneys. Mary then examined her kidneys. Kidney match happened. Surprisingly, Bill’s blood group was rare, but still his kidney became match with his ex-wife. In October last year, surgery was done. Now the bill is absolutely fine.

After 20 years of divorce, former husband was diagnosed with kidney donate, due to saving her life there was considerable discussion of Mary. She says, ‘If one person changes his attitude towards a former husband or wife by listening to my story, then it will be a big deal. This was not a decision for me either. It was just that somebody called me and asked me to help, and I said yes.


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