Curly hair: which cut trend to adopt?

Curly hair: which cut trend to adopt?

The hairdressers are formal: before choosing a cut, it is necessary to study the nature of the loops. And contrary to what we can think, nothing is forbidden for curly hair. You just have to take into account the shape of your face, the nature of your hair and avoid the degraded cuts.

Long hair, a sure thing!

It may be a little classic, but the long cut is synonymous with ease. The hair is heavier and therefore the loops are less imposing. It is a strategic choice for those who do not want too much volume like Laetitia Casta. And then, we do not hide it, the cascade of long and curly hair, it gives a style a bit wild and sexy. To tame your hair, apply a little coconut oil and jojoba to counter the appearance of frizz. Oils that are also effective for damaged hair.

To dare the bangs!

Once again, no bans for curly hair. One must only adapt and be aware that the fringe requires maintenance and time . If you prefer to smooth it, it is advisable to use a steam smoothing, especially if the smoothing is daily because it will less damage your hair. On the other hand, if you have decided to leave your hair natural, there are some rules to follow. First, choose a progressive cut and a long bangs . Since the loops, once dry, go up, it will avoid the ball effect. For the shape of the bangs, it is advisable to opt for a rounded fringe with tapered tips. On the other hand, for those who have frizzy hair, it is best to avoid this option. Last point: the bangs require a lot of maintenance. It must be readjusted fairly regularly, every two weeks for those with hair that grows fast. The fringe is trendy, it is a safe bet and it adapts to several hairstyles, but it requires time.

And why not a short haircut?

You have probably already thought about it, without ever actually daring to take the plunge. Think again ! Unlike long hair, short, curly hair will easily peel off the roots because it will be lighter . You will have beautiful and voluminous and elastic loops. A short haircut requires tailored care, to make your hair shiny and your curls silky.

A mid-length and slender cut for a wild side

Finally, you can always opt for a more natural cut without additional maintenance. Leave your hair mid-length, at the level of your shoulders, and favor natural drying . After wringing, you can apply a cream of curls or a styling spray to tame rebel curls. Ask your hairdresser to taper the tips for more plump curls. This will give you a wild side!

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