Curly hair care is no longer difficult, know some simple hairstyles of curly hair

Curly hair care is no longer difficult, know some simple hairstyles of curly hair

Everybody has a desire for beautiful and healthy hair. Whether it is straight or curly Even though straight and waving hair may be preferred to most people, but in curly hair your look may not be less attractive. The girls whose hair is naturally straight, in their mind, somewhere, the curiosity of hair curly is hidden. In order to do hair curl, it has to be used on several occasions. Regardless of what is naturally curly hair, it does not come in permed hair.

There are also many actresses of Bollywood and the TV world, who remain in the discussion about their curly hair. At the top of it comes names, TV actress Vaishya Dhami and Bollywood’s Kangna Runout, Sanya Malhotra and Tapassey Pannu in actresses. All of them look quite hot in their curly hairy look. The more beautiful and stylish the curly hair looks, they have to be cared for them in the same way. Actually, curly hair needs a little more care than straight hair. We are here to tell you the easy ways to take care of curly hair.  

Things to keep in mind when washing curly hair

Curly Hair Care Wash

It is not easy to take care of curly hair, especially when it is hard to wash them and it is even more difficult to comb dry hair curly hair. In such a case, washing excess hair, the natural oil comes out. So wash hair only 2 to 3 times a week. Make sure to massage oil well before washing curly hair. This will not cause stigma in the hair.

Massage the hot oil on the hair at least once a week. It would be better to heat almond oil or coconut oil and apply it in the hair. Applying oil on the curly hair and shampoo next morning is advised. After hot oil massage treatment, it is easy to manage curly hair.

How To Brush Curly Hair

Curly Hair Care- Tapsee1

Curling hair curly is a big task in itself. The most troubled curly hair comes when it comes to combing. One can wash your hair several hours before curling them on top of curly hair. In this case curly hair should not be hardened or brushed, because doing so breaks hair more. Try curly hair with the help of comb or brush with light hands. If you want, you can apply a hang-in conditioner on the palm and apply it on your hair to soften the hinged hair. This will not only make your hair soft, but will be easily solved and not cracked.

Do not brush on wet hair. Let hair lightly dry. After that slowly brush them. The point here to note is that do not even try to bind wet hair. This will break down from the roots. Also avoid curly hair repeatedly combing. If you are trying to make stubborn and uncontrollable dry curly hair, then it would be better to splatter some water on them first. This will ease the child a bit.  

How to take care of curly hair

1- After washing curly hair, do not tighten them with towels tightly, nor try to dry them with towels. Doing so keeps the knots in the hair and the danger of breaking them.

2- Make sure to use conditioner on curly hair after washing it with shampoo. By applying the conditioner hair becomes soft and it is easy to solve them.

3- It is better to reduce the use of the dryer to dry curly hair. Anyway, there is a problem of dryness, in this case, the use of the dryer can make more dry.

4- Keeping this in mind when solving the hair, do not always resolve them from top to bottom. If you do this, your hair can be broken. It would be better to try to solve your hair first down-down. After that gradually go upwards.  

4- Curly hair is better fed from hair masks from time to time. It keeps life in the hair and it is not even rude.

Home remedies for curly hair.

1- First, grind 1 banana in a mixer and take out its pulp in a bowl. Now mix two tablespoons almond oil and prepare the paste. Let this paste stay in the hair for 30 minutes, then wash the hair with shampoo. Now lighten the towel on the hair and make them dry slightly. This will ease your hair. After a while, take light wet hair with the help of comb.

2- Put two spoons of egg whites in one cup. Now mix two tablespoons yogurt and prepare the paste. Put this paste on the hair with the help of a brush. After being engaged in hair for half an hour, wash the hair with plain water. When the hair is dry, then shampoo them. This will make the hair soft and shiny.

3- Make a paste by mixing 4 spoons aloe vera gel and 3 teaspoons yogurt in two teaspoons of coconut oil. Now put this paste on the hair and leave it for half an hour. After that wash the hair. In a few days you will feel the difference in your hair. Your hair will be shiny and softer than ever before.

4- If your hair is light with curly hair, then it takes more precautions to take care of such hair. For them, you can create a mask in this way. Two ripe bananas, two egg yellow yolk, three spoons honey and olive oil Mix them together on hair roots and leave for one hour. Then wash the hair with cold water.

5- Mix coconut oil and olive oil according to the length of your hair. Now apply this mixture to the hair roots. After applying oil, cover hair with the help of towels or carton cloth. Wash the hair with shampoo and conditioner one hour later. This will not only nourish the hair, but will also become soft and shiny.   

Easy hair styles for curly hair

1 – Pineapple Bun

If your hair is curly and you do not understand what hairstyles, then make sure to make a pineapple once on your hair. This is as easy to make as beautiful as it is to appear. You do not need to do anything more for this. Just make your hair upwards and make the set with the help of baby pin. If you want this to be done with you all day, then we suggest that after making the brood, spray hair on it. Dabang Girl Sanya Malhotra has made such a beautiful Pineapple on her curly hair.

Curly Hair Care- Sanya good

2-curly low bun

This type of hair style will suit your ethnic wear more. If your hair is naturally curly then simply twist your hair and make a twist. To set bun well, take it with the help of a baby pin. If you still can not understand it, then look at this hairstyle of Sanyas Malhotra.

Curly Hair Care- Sanya Low Bun

3- Pinching hair on the back

Actress Tapasya Pannu is also very fond of her hair in curling hair in Bollywood. A few days ago, Tapi shared a picture on his Instagram account. In this photo, Tapasi has styled her haircut curly with great beauty. To make hair style like heat, firstly apply curl cream on your hair. Leave the cream on the hair for 5 to 10 minutes, so that it can be well absorbed into them. Now make a side parting in the hair with the help of toothbrush or comb. Now pin the hair forward from the side and behind the crown area. Now styling the downward side of the curls.

Curly Hair Care- Taapsee

4- small curl hair

There are many girls who can not handle their long curls hair, but they are hesitant to cut them by using a stylish style. Believe me, hairy hair style looks good on curly hair. It also gives you an elite look. If you want to wear most Western clothing, then this hairstyle will be the best for you.

Curly Hair Care- Sanya cut

5- Leave the hair open.

You have seen the show “Girl in the City” coming up on a Bandasa channel. If not, then see the profile of this show Muthila Parker, on the show, on Instagram. Long, curly and beautiful hair are very few people luck. Mithila is also one of them. If your hair is similar to that of Mithila Parker, then leave your hair open without further tension and enzymes your beauty.

Curly hair Care Drashti dhami hair

6- Ponytale

Bollywood queen Kangana Ranaut is quite fond of her beautiful curly hair. Kangana carries with her hair very beautifully. Although Kangana mostly likes keeping her hair open, but sometimes she is spat in different hair styles. You can also make such ponies like Kangna to give a beautiful look to your curly hair.

Curly Hair Care- Kangana

7- Messi Bun

Pineapple and lo bone have become bored, so try to become a messy once and try. In this kind of hair, the look of hair from the forward side is slightly messy. Behind the jury too does not stay too much Actress Ankita Lokhande, who debuted her Bollywood debut with the film “Manikarnika-The Queen of Jhansi”, had also done similar hairstyles during film promotion, in which Ankita looked beautifully.  

Curly Hair Care- Ankita

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