crown tattoos for king and queen or couples

8 Crowns Tattoos for the King and Queen or Couples

Are you thinking of getting a tattoo with your partner to symbolize your love? Currently, there are many couples who decide to leave marked on their body the union and connection they feel for each other. However, the problem they encounter many times is that we can currently find thousands of designs and drawings that are related to this theme, so choosing a tattoo can be complicated.

One of the designs that are taking more popularity among couples is crowns, as they usually symbolize a unique and special bond between them. Therefore, in the article, we will give you the best 4 crowns tattoos for the King and Queen or couples.

Meaning of crowns tattoos

Crowns are becoming one of the most popular designs in the world of tattoos since, in addition to being a drawing that can be used on different parts of the body, it is also full of meanings. Before knowing why these types of tattoos are usually so popular, we explain some of the meanings that a crown can have on your body:

  • Power and leadership: traditionally, a crown was the symbol of authority of a king or queen, so some people decide to tattoo this design as a sign of motivation to succeed in their projects and to face the problems that may arise.
  • Victory symbol: as we have already indicated, the crown represented the person who was in the highest echelon of society. This meaning was transferred to competitions, referring to the winner as the “king” of the dispute or discipline.
  • It is the sign of the zodiac Leo: this symbol is usually represented with the figure of a lion with a crown on its head. In addition, according to astrology, Leo people are characterized by their leadership qualities and their value, something closely related to the previous meanings.
  • Sign of wealth: crowns are usually jewels with great economic value, so a tattoo with this object can symbolize abundance, prosperity and wealth.
  • Control symbol: authority is linked to this object, so another meaning of crown tattoos is usually the control over the acts and decisions made by oneself.
  • Religious sign: a crown of thorns can symbolize the moment in which Jesus Christ had to take it to the cross. Therefore, for many people, this tattoo can also adopt a religious meaning related to suffering and sacrifice.
8 crowns tattoos for king and queen or couples - Meaning of crowns tattoos

Crowns tattoos for couples: meaning

In addition to the previous meanings, crowns have become a very popular object among couples who love ink, as more and more bride and groom decide to tattoo this element somewhere on the body. But what does this design represent in a sentimental relationship?

On the one hand, one of the meanings of crown tattoos for couples best known is the one that represents the inseparable link between two people. This can be reflected when both are tattooed a crown in the same place of the body (usually they are the wrists or the fingers): the men usually tattoo the design of the crown of a king and the women are drawn on the body the tiara or crown of a queen.

On the other hand, crown tattoos with names for couples are also very common. That is, tattooing the design of a king or queen crown (depending on sex) accompanied by the name of the groom/an of the person wearing it. This is usually a symbol of commitment and union between the two, a meaning that is even deeper when the person decides to tattoo it near the heart, as this symbolizes that his “reign” is occupied by someone.

crowns tattoos for king and queen or couples - Meaning of crowns tattoos

Crowns tattoos for the king and queen or couples: Ideas and Images

Now that we know what it means to tattoo a crown among the members of a couple, here are some ideas and images that will help you if you are thinking of drawing this element of love on your body:

  • King and queen crown tattoo: as we have indicated, it is very common for him to tattoo the crown of a king and she tattoos the crown of a princess or queen to reflect her inseparable bond. Usually, this tattoo is usually done on the wrists. It can be accompanied by a date or a name, depending on the creativity of each couple.
  • Crowns tattoos for couples in color: we already talked about that they are usually jewels of great value so you can add a little color to see the stones and gems that a crown usually contains.
  • Crowns tattoos for couples on the chest or shoulders: usually the designs near the heart are usually accompanied by the name of the groom to reflect their degree of commitment.
  • Crowns tattoos for couples on the fingers: becoming a crown in the form of an alliance symbolizes the oath of eternal love. Know more about meaning of the tattoo on a finger or another tattoo.

If you want to discover more creative ideas to get a tattoo with your boyfriend or girlfriend, check out this other article of 20 love tattoos for couples.

crowns tattoos for king and queen or couples - Meaning of crowns tattoos
crowns tattoos for king and queen or couples - Meaning of crowns tattoos

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