Can we communicate in dreams?

Can we communicate in dreams?

Will we be able to send messages for our dreams? Check out what scientists say!

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Thinking about communicating through dreams can dream a little crazy and impossible, but the truth is that this idea is nothing far from reality. Studies done by the  University of Saybrook in California, accept that we may be able to communicate telepathically with other people while we sleep.

Several studies had already been made of dreams, like the one he did, Montaque Ullman in Brooklyn, where he found that people can be prepared to dream of something special.

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Then he experimented with the idea that 2 people transmitted a message while they slept, and although in the end, the reception of the message was not 100% clear, the message did arrive from one person to another.

One hundred is still unknown how to send messages from one person to another, but scientists say that with more research time they will soon know. Therefore, what they have discovered has been a great advance in research.

It would be amazing to be able to communicate in dreams, right? Write your review!


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