Bridesmaid Dresses to Motivate your Friend to Marry

Bridesmaid Dresses to Motivate your Friend to Marry

Being a maid of honor is not easy because you have to help your best friend with planning your wedding, stress with her, get nervous like her, comfort her when she cries, among many other things; you care so much about the celebration and because the bride looks perfect in her day that you do not think about yourself, it does not go through your head what dresses she will choose for you and the other ladies. If your plan is to look fantastic that day, I leave you some cool dresses so you can suggest some ideas to the bride and so you do not end up with a horrible dress that day.

A mermaid dress to make you look amazing, even the other ladies can use the same in different colors.


You can also wear a dress of pure sequins … quiet there are cute dresses that will not make you look adventurous.

bright dress

Or a short sequin will also look awesome!

short dress

I do not know why but I love that new trend called Two Piece Dress! that looks great on special occasions.

two pieces

If it’s a day wedding, you can opt for a short dress with a flared cut and a bridesmaid, that is pastel.

back dress

Or a little longer flared, so you do not look so casual. The point is to use very unusual colors or cuts because you are the bridesmaid!

Grey dress

And if you are not convinced of this cut, try one with ornaments such as rhinestones or lace.


But if yours is not to go short, but still be hot (for example if it is a beach wedding) you can use a dress type to the “Greek goddess.” But yes, nothing to go white Sin!

greek dress

If the wedding will be super fancy with all the elegance of France, an A-line dress will leave everyone as poor.


We can also use a matte color because almost nobody goes for that original color with an empire cut. The basic cut of the bridesmaids!

long long dress

Or simply a simple one but that you feel makes you look beautiful, remember that you do not have to overshadow the bride.

pink stick dress

If you opted for a simple one, always remember to be a little original and try to try different dresses like open leg, bralette cut or original Megas things.


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