Blonde Candy for hair – The color of Winter 2020 –

Blonde Candy for hair – The color of Winter 2020. The blonde candy is one of the hair tones that will be a trend this winter 2020 season. We show you pictures and tips for you to be up to date.

telvaMany celebrities, both models and actresses, have long chosen the caramel blond tone for their hair. It is a color that stylists define as a tone that is between a golden brown and a beige blonde, which emulates the sweetness already from its name.

Do you want to know what color tone to choose for your hair?

Why choose the Caramel Blond

The caramel blond It softens the features a lot but you have to take into account the previous color that you are wearing or if you stay in your natural tone. If you want a good finish, a perfect finish with shine and the tone well taken, it is important that you choose great stylists who work each area of ​​the hair so that the color and the ideal tone are well taken.

Blonde Candy with Wicks

One of the ideal aspects of this hair tone is that can you combine perfectly with soft balayage wicks waves Californian Wicks to provide more luminosity, playing with sweetness but also that effect that simulates the sun’s rays on the hair.

Read our article on two-color wicks if you want to change your look:

Hairstyles with caramel blond hair

The hairstyles that you can do with this type of hair color are very varied but, it is important to take into account the feeling they generate, sweetness and delicacy. Therefore, it will be these types of hairstyles that are the most appropriate to continue enhancing this feeling: wave hairstyles, soft curls, ringlets …


Shades of caramel blonde according to your skin tone

This hair tone is sensational in those who have the lighter skin, although we have seen many celebrities with a darker complexion who choose the caramel blond in a slightly more intense tone and they look great on the face. Without any doubt, the caramel blond color will match the half tanned skins of Winter 2020, enhancing the golden effect and brightness of them.

What makeup to use for caramel blond hair

The makeup that will be great with this hair color are the golden or ocher shadows, with lipstick in red tones and passionate, with an eye marked with black eyeliner. For the most tanned skins, you can choose the nude tones So it doesn’t look too ornate.

How to bleach hair to have caramel blonde

If this is your case, because your hair does not get close to the blonde, or by chance, the first option is fading, since a dye, however blond it may be, even if it sticks to your hair, will be there as if nothing.


To do this, you must follow some tips, so that the caramel blond is perfect. Keep reading and discover how to make the caramel blonde look natural.


  • Do not lighten hair more than two shades of your natural color. At least at the beginning, because if not, it will be very aggressive.
  • Check the reaction of your hair, because if you have discolored it before, unless you have let it grow whole again, the structure will be altered.
  • If you are a redhead or have natural red highlights, you must use a neutralizer or your hair will be yellowish.
  • Always, try to do it with a professional who knows how to advise you.

Caramel blond hair care

Since we know the wonders of this color and how good it feels to women and how can we boost it, we want to give you some tricks to keep the hair intact and spectacular as long as possible.


As you know, it is not good to put so much cane into the hair, whether or not it has been freshly dyed. As much as you want to keep the hair of the same hue, in the caramel blond color, we can not go every month or every month and a half to touch up the roots because It is very aggressive For the hair. What’s more, especially if you had dark hair before dyeing it to caramel blond, you will verify that your hair is very damaged.


We have to take steps to keep it strong.

  • Dye it every 4-6 months at least, to avoid damaging your hair a lot
  • Do not brush hard or it will end up stubborn and dull
  • Wash your hair at most twice a week
  • Once a week apply a nourishing mask, at least half an hour before showering. If you go to the beach, go with the mask on and attached with a braid, so it won’t spoil much.


  • Every time you wash your hair, rinse with water with chamomile. Naturally, it will enhance those reflexes.
  • Always keep your hair moist and hydrated with the hot months, with a cold water preparation, almond oil, lemon and mint in a vaporizer that you can apply all day.

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Blonde candy for dark eyebrows?

We always say that when looking flawless, there must be a harmony between skin tone, eye color and woman’s features. However, sometimes we see women who wear a flawless blond but they glimpse some dark eyebrows That betray they wear dye. About tastes of colors, each woman is free to wear the look she likes best.

Now, if you are somewhat shy and you are wondering if the blond caramel marries well with dark eyebrows we will tell you that actresses like Cara Delevingne They carry it. It certainly hits the face a lot of personality.

Anyway, we have already seen blondes with very light hair and dark eyebrows. And Marilyn Monroe herself, the blonde par excellence, proudly kept her natural eyebrow tone.

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Candy Blonde Hair Pictures

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