Bikinis Calzedonia Summer 2020 catalog

Bikinis Calzedonia Summer 2020 catalog

The bikini is the fundamental article of summer. In Calzedonia they have already prepared their catalog of bikinis by 2020 and it is one of the firms that we like the most in blogmujeres. We select the models we like most from this 2020 collection.


The latest in bikinis fashion from Calzedonia

So you can find with his image, and that of other models, proposals of bikinis that pursue the latest trends so that they become the indispensable models of 2020.


Designs that not only feature some of the tones of the season, such as coral or yellow, but also surprise thanks to the commitment of trends such as Halter neck or crochet designs.

Let’s see all these trends in detail below, but first, to see more Calzedonia bikinis by Adriana Lima in the 2020 collection, click on the gallery and don’t miss a single one of her models!

Bikinis Calzedonia 2020 | Color

Black color


One of the colorful stars of this summer it is the color black. Black is a basic color. in the back of the closet, very recurrent and that always helps to hide those extra kilos.

East Calzedonia bikini model in black With a ruffled top gives the feeling of having a bigger chest and a panties with waves.

Color blue

Bikinis Calzedonia Summer 2020 catalog

The color blue is another of the essential tones within the bikini models to select for this 2020. In Calzedonia you can find this way models like this, which also has details of ties, in addition to a triangular design of the most flattering.

Green color

Bikinis Calzedonia Summer 2020 catalog

Also the green in military tone, also known as khaki is another of the trendy shades for bikinis that you can wear during this 2020 season.

Calzedonia bet on bikinis that in addition to standing out for having this color, they have small details of puckering or cross design They are a success and provide a modern, modern and at the same time very sensual style.

White color

Bikinis Calzedonia Summer 2020 catalog

White is an essential color for swimwear, so we cannot miss it among the new 2020 Calzedonia proposals. With Bikinis like this one will be able to highlight your brown even more.

Tricolor model


If you prefer other bikinis that have more color You are in the right place because in Calzedonia you will find a great variety of models. In honor, this tricolor bikini combines fuchsia with black and white strips creating a perfect combination to wear on the beach, do you dare with a tricolor bikini?

And why is neoprene fashionable?

Cashmere color scheme


And when many colors are mixed and the bikini becomes in an explosion of color. This cashmere print bikini uses a variety of very appealing colors do not you think ?. You can also choose to wear your bikini with that print on the top, with a color that is different (such as a black or a white) at the top.

If you have been wanting to see the colors that Calzedonia has chosen for this season and that are the latest trends in bikinis of the most diverse colors. Enter the gallery and enjoy!

2020 Calzedonia Bikinis Printed

Tropical print


One of the patterns that devastates this season is the “Tropical print” if you are one of those who like to go to the last one you can not miss in your suitcase. In this black word of honor bikini from Calzedonia uses the tropical print with colored flowers such as green, orange and red.

Bikinis Calzedonia Summer 2020 catalog

This other model, with details in neutral tones and with halter neck, is also a successful bikini that has the aforementioned tropical print. A design that also add a whole black edge detail, causing you to be spectacular during this new summer season.

Multicolored print


This print multicolored With bright colors, it reminds a little of the hippie aesthetics of the 70s. The flowers, the frills and the triangular shape create a very fun and summer swimwear.

Sailor print


A print that does not fail every summer is «The sailor print». In word of honor and with frills is a very flirty bikini to go to the beach.

Tribal print

Bikinis Calzedonia Summer 2020 catalog

Another of the prints that we find among the bikinis that Calzedonia proposes for this new summer season is the tribal one.

The firm presents models of bikinis that also make up that tribal print from a base or colored background such as blue or emerald green.

Calzedonia prints are sweeping this summer, do you dare to try a print? Do not miss the photo gallery below with more proposals.

Bikinis Calzedonia 2020 | Word of honor models

Tribal model


Bikinis in word of honor each year gain more followers because they are very comfortable and do not leave marks of braces.

This Calzedonia bikini with black strip above and a very attractive multicolored geometric print and turn your bikini into the perfect piece to attend a Pool party where you need a different swimsuit with which to stand out.

Blue model


Calzedonia bikinis in word of honor They feel phenomenal like this blue bikini with cashmere print with black strip, with a very original triangular neckline.

Geometric print


For those who like this day plans the most much more cheerful and colorful model not to leave anyone indifferent. The geometric print It is one of the options to see more on the beaches this summer, also this print It will give more volume in the chest area, so if you have a small chest it is perfect.

Neoprene Model


This Calzedonia bikini in word of honor and neoprene fabric Use the white, black and yellow color scheme.

If you want to see more Calzedonia bikinis in word of honor Dare to see our photo gallery!

Bikinis Calzedonia 2020 | Triangle Model

In black and white


The triangle-shaped bikinis is a classic form that you like and that is very flattering if you have the type of body you have.

In Calzedonia you will find many models in this way so you can choose the one that best suits your taste. This Calzedonia bikini in black and white With sports style it is very flattering because it picks up the chest very well, don’t you think?

In striped print


We like this look because they are not the typical blue and white sailor stripes. And it is that in Calzedonia they do not stop reinventing themselves What do you think of this pink version?

With strips and overtures


One of the trends of this year are the strips and openings leaving between seeing the skin Do you join this trend?

To see more Calzedonia bikinis in triangular form you must enter the gallery of images that we have prepared for you. Ready?

Bikinis Calzedonia 2020 | Halter neck

Black model


You will be wondering What is the halter neck? Halter neck It is a type of neckline more closed and leaves the shoulders exposed to highlight this area. In Calzedonia, who love the latest trends, he has adapted to the latest in fashion and this black top with strips up to the neck area looks like a couture design, it’s very sexy!

Sports model


East neoprene sports bikini Black with zipper also favors a lot to highlight the shoulders and waist like halter neck bikkinis.

Floral pattern


This top of halter neck It is totally different from what we have seen before because it mixes blue and pink colors forming a floral print, with a grid and inspired by the seabed.

You can continue seeing more models of halter neck in the photo gallery below:

Bikinis Calzedonia 2020 | Panties with ties

Black and white modelbikinis-calzedonia-2016-braga-ties-gray

Many women make topless and choose the panties as the main part of the bikini so it is very important that the panties are beautiful and comfortable. One of the most chosen panties are that of ties to the sides that can be adapted more or less according to the type of body. We like this bikini pant because they have gray and white dots combined with a black strip combined with side ties ideal for concealing hips Very elegant!

Tropical model


This bikini with a multi print, with tropical print with palm trees and sailor stripes with a pink border also use knots at the sides to tie the panties.

Geometric print


These Calzedonia bikini panties have some pretty long ties that hide the hips great and that fat we have more. These geometric-patterned bikini panties have a predominantly black and white part that breaks the monotony with a pink and blue hue, what do you think?

To see more panties with Calzedonia bow you can see them in the gallery Enter and choose yours!

Bikinis Calzedonia 2020 | Panties with opening

Multicolored model


Panties with openings They are one of the essential trends of this year 2016 and that Cazedonia has not wanted to miss. This type of panties use the openings in the area of ​​the hips leaving between seeing some skin subtly hinting. These panties with colorful geometric print bet on using side openings in black.

Black model


Bikinis in black are a basic every summer and in Calzedonia we can find several models. If you still mix one of the trends of this 2016, the openings in the panties area becomes the perfect combination.

To see more Calzedonia bikini bottoms with side slits, we invite you to enter the gallery. Take a look!

Bikinis Calzedonia 2020 | fluorine and neoprene

Fuchsia color


The fluorine colors they are more fashionable than ever and there are already many firms that have aimed to put that color and that fabric in their bikinis. And it is normal, because you get some combinations of color that are unique, fun, flashy and of the most original. The fuchsia combined with the edges in black is phenomenal.

In addition, there is the neoprene, that not only manages to perfectly adhere to our skin, completely isolating it from moisture, but is a comfortable fabric that helps accentuate the body’s natural curves.

Pink colour


Precioso bikini lleno de líneas que dibujan y acentúan el cuerpo de la mujer en un divertido color rosa lleno de vida.

Color Blanco y rosa


Este bikini sin tirantes es perfecto para un día en la playa en donde quieres lucir los hombros y llamar la atención con unos colores suaves en flúor.

Color Negro


Este precioso bikini negro de neopreno no tiene que asustarte, porque es un bikini lleno de luz ya que no es un color negro opaco, sino que se asemeja mucho al color negro grafito, convirtiéndolo en un color brillante y lleno de matices.

Color Blanco y amarillo


Para las amantes de lo más puro, el color negro es indispensable para dar la forma al bikini, pero el color blanco del fondo y el amarillo, conseguirán que sin duda, destaque mucho más. El color blanco flúor resplandece en mitad de la playa o de la piscina.

Color Verde


Si quieres darles colores diferentes, sólo tienes que optar por elegir a uno que se asemeje más a tu estilo o a tus gustos. Conseguirás el conjunto que quieres, si además, los combinas.

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