Before you begin weight loss training, read the following

Before you begin weight loss training, read the following

Words are important in our lives without doubt when it comes to health and fitness. What do you say to yourselves when you practice? I think that the more we focus on how comfortable we feel rather than the number we see on the balance, the more successful we are, and the more joy we experience, the more likely we are to commit ourselves to a healthy path.

One day recently, I came across an important reminder in this regard, and although it could have been a hidden and unnoticed comment, it seemed very blatant to me in fact. I’m talking about the impact of words here, my dear ones!

I left my office to try out a new sports class in a newly opened studio and was excited to add a new kind of fitness to my skill set. I went to the corner of the locker room and dressed in the studio to put my sports bag, and there I heard two ladies talking. They had just finished training in class and were on their way to take advantage of the discount offer on the juices. “We deserve these drinks now!” One of them said .

Hear me well, I know it may have been an innocent comment. But thoughts and reactions are racing through my mind: ” You deserve a drink, but you do not deserve it because you are exercising … Exercise does not make you more deserving … You can drink without a workout, and that will not be a big problem .”

I could have gone on like this. But I got those ideas off – I was ready for Abley well in my new sports class! This training will move all the muscles of my body and give me an amazing feeling, I can confirm it from now on. When I started, I said to myself, “You’ll have a great feeling” to ward off any fear of trying a new style of exercise.

The trainer was absolutely wonderful. As a beginner, I was able to follow each of her instructions fully, and I never felt intimidated. “The slower you move, the more fat you burn – and that’s the best thing you can get from a sports class,” she told us.

I stopped for a moment – not because my muscles were burning from cramping, but because I heard again words I could not quite accept.

“Burning fat is the best thing we can get from a sports row?”

I may be the most unusual situation here, but fat burning is not my only goal to really train, and I do not think this is the best thing you can get from the exercise.

But I was confident of myself; I had just completed a really difficult exercise and spent the first part of Friday evening doing a very useful activity for my body.

A few days later, I tested a completely different experience. I went to the SoulCycle rowOn weekends with Jenny, she told us several things hung in my head completely … but because she was very positive words this time. Where she continued to encourage everyone to partake in the fun, and to enjoy the exercise of their exercises.

“You have to start by associating the movement with something other than the figure shown by the balance, with something other than the number written inside your jeans,” she said. “Ms. New Booty” blues through the speakers there. She is skilled in words that are as inspiring as preparing songs.

It is absolutely right. The issue is more than just a balance, more than just “flat belly muscles” or a slender waist. It gives him a wonderful feeling. Appearance, fat loss, muscle building, and cardiovascular health- These are all amazing side effects of exercise. When you are healthy, you will feel good. I think everyone feels comfortable when they think that their appearance is also good. We can not deny that stretching the body muscles gives us a high degree of confidence. But the key point here is that if your goal is limited to appearing in a particular way, you are exposing yourselves to endless frustration, as well as to hurtful words that can hurt you emotionally and psychologically.

When you focus on your fitness, you will feel more comfortable, the rest will come later, and the effects will be longer. Feeling happy and long term health is better than your “entitlement” to enjoying a delicious juice drink, right?

Remember the effect of the words on yourselves. Remind yourselves of your goals. Be gentle with yourselves. The rest will come to you on its own.


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