Anorgasmia: why orgasm does not come?

Anorgasmia: why orgasm does not come?

All women want to reach orgasm, but for some, the ultimate enjoyment never triggers. This has a name: anorgasmia, which means the absence of orgasm. What is anorgasmia, what are the causes, what treatments should be considered? Explanations to better understand and change.

When orgasm does not fire

Anorgasmia means the absence of orgasm, both during vaginal penetration and by clitoral stimulation. After the normal excitement phase, where the woman is able to feel a rise in pleasure , the enjoyment phase does not manifest, and the orgasm never triggers. Nevertheless, anorgasmic woman continues to have desire.

Not to be confused with frigidity

This pathology should not be confused with frigidity (the absence of all pleasure), which is usually secondary to anorgasmia. 
Indeed, the woman who can not reach orgasm quickly demonizes to become frigid, and no longer feel pleasure. And we enter a vicious circle: frigidity will inevitably lead to an absence of desire. A frigid woman suffers from anorgasmia, while anorgasmic woman continues to have fun. 
According to statistics, nearly 10% of women would suffer from anorgasmia or frigidity, and one in three women would experience this disorder in her lifetime.

Two types of anorgasmia

There are two types of anorgasmia: 
– So-Called primary anorgasmia, when the woman has never reached orgasm by vaginal penetration or masturbation. 
– So-Called secondary anorgasmia, when the woman has already known, during her sexuality, the enjoyment of an orgasm. 
Anorgasmia is considered total when the woman does not have an orgasm as much vaginal as clitoral. It is partial when the woman manages to reach the orgasm only by penetration or only by clitoral stimulation.

Causes of this absence of orgasm

The causes of anorgasmia are multiple and can be organic, behavioral or psychological: 
– Education that devalues ​​sexuality and is devoid of erotic learning 
– Poor self and body image, lack of esteem and self-confidence 
– Stimulation, clumsy caresses or partner brutality: erotic maladjustment 
– Installation of a sexual habit 
– Painful relationships ( vaginismus , dyspareunia …) 
– Traumatic event during childhood (sexual abuse, rape) 
– Lack of desire for his partner 
– Doubt about feelings towards the partner 
– Fear of surrender to pleasure and letting go.

Solutions for anorgasmia not to last

Solutions exist to regain sexual enjoyment. 
When it comes to an organic cause, you should consult your doctor or gynecologist who will advise you and guide you to overcome this disorder. If the dysfunction comes from a psycho-behavioral cause, a consultation with a sex therapist or psychotherapist will help you to see more clearly. Generally, a personalized therapy will be proposed to you to discover, or rediscover your body in an erotic way to reach the supreme pleasure. 
The problem may be the spouse, in which case a couple communication is needed to improve the relationship.


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