8 things you can know about someone with one kiss

8 things you can know about someone with one kiss

According to some studies , an average woman embraces about fifteen men, has two long-term relationships, and twice experiences grief and disillusionment before finding the “right”. In fact, it is the first kiss that gives an idea of the relationship to come because it says a lot about a person; much more than you could imagine!

Nice has made a list of 8 things you can easily learn about your partner after exchanging the first kiss.

8. Is there an alchemy between you two?

You can not express chemistry with words. It’s something you only recognize when you experience it yourself. When your lips touch those of your partner, do you want the moment to last forever or to end as soon as possible? Even if this person is not the best “kissing” in the world, if you feel a strong connection with her, it’s a very good sign.

However, if you realize that there is no spark between you two, and that you feel a lot of disappointment, then this feeling probably will not change. Alchemy does not come as it goes, it should be there from the beginning.

7. Will your partner be fantastic in bed?

8 things you can know about someone with one kiss

It is often thought that the first kiss can tell a lot about your future relationships, including intimate relationships. In fact, much of the technique used during this first contact is applied later in the room, which can easily indicate whether it is worth sharing your bed with your partner or not.

You have to pay attention not only to your partner’s lips, but also to his hands, his movements, the part of your body that he prefers to fondle, etc. If your bodies are getting closer, and your legs are intertwined, this creates an extra connection between you two. And if your partner moves his body towards you in a relaxed way, kissing you, he is more likely to do the same thing in bed.

6. Does your partner have enough confidence in him?

The way your partner approaches for the first kiss can indicate their level of confidence . He is nervous? He plays anxiously with his keys or any other close object before leaning towards you? Does he squirm his fingers? Is he going a bit abruptly? He’s kissing you with his head up? Does he react to your kiss by putting his arms around his neck?

A person who trusts her knows what she is doing and does not regret it. So, if you feel confident when you kiss your partner and you know it’s mutual, then that’s probably the relationship you’re looking for.

Another sign of confidence is that your partner is not afraid to compliment you and express your emotions after this first contact. This ensures a relationship of trust and transparency.

5. Does your partner want you both?

8 things you can know about someone with one kiss

Although it may seem obvious, hardly anyone pays attention to the hygiene of his partner during the first kiss. However, that can say a lot about his behavior towards you.

Does his breath have the taste of menthol? Does it carry perfume? Did he take a shower first? If so, you are lucky because your partner cares about you and your opinion.

If not, do not be fooled. Even if he had not planned to kiss you, your partner should know the rules of personal hygiene. So, if you have the impression that he did not even brush his teeth, it is clear that you risk being disappointed in the future.

4. Does your partner know how to listen?

When you kiss your partner, you can not explain what you want with words, so your body language plays a very important role. The bottom line is to see if your boyfriend understands. For example, if you do not like the rolling of the shovel, that feel his tongue turn in your mouth like a mill disgusts you and you make him understand, he is supposed to stop insisting and adapt to your pace.

At each kiss exchanged, we send many signs that tell the person what kind of pressure to exert on your lips, when to slip the tongue and so on … If your partner understands your clues, this is a great sign! It means he is really listening to your needs and desires and is able to make sacrifices and efforts for the sake of the relationship.

3. What will be the seriousness of your relationship?

8 things you can know about someone with one kiss

Obviously, if someone kisses you, it’s a confirmation of their interest for you. But it is not necessarily the sign of the will of a serious relationship , in fact, it is not because someone is attracted by you that he necessarily wants to spend his life with you.

There are some clues to consider after a first kiss. For example, was it just a first contact or a test to tease the ground? Did you feel that your partner was relaxed and happy to be there, with you, or that he was in a hurry to finish, or move to another level?

Do not forget your feelings either. Did this kiss make you want more? Have you started dreaming of a future with this person? Do you see yourself living with this person under the same roof? It is vital that you answer all these questions to clarify your intentions as well.

2. Does your partner rush things?

The first kiss can also show you if your partner is a little too brutal. If you’ve noticed that he’s trying to kiss you up and down your belly, lick your ear, or slap his hand in your blouse, then it’s clear he wants to go upper stage. 

When your partner does not understand your body language and pushes you to do something you do not feel comfortable with , even after you’ve made it clear that you do not want to, it’s a very bad thing departure. Obviously, this person does not measure the importance of being patient and can not appreciate what she has at the moment. She always needs more and she can come to disrespect you.

1. Does your partner like you and thank you?

The way your partner treats you right after the first kiss is paramount to defining his attitude towards you. You just have to watch his reaction.

When the kiss ends and your mouths move away, is it happy to have touched your pretty lips? Do you both smile? Does he have eyes full of stars? Does he seem to be hoping for more?

Positive answers to all these questions mean that your partner is really excited to be there with you. It is therefore likely that you have found the right person, who will respect you and appreciate every moment spent with you.

How was your first kiss? Tell us your story in the comments below!

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