8 DIY for an adorable baby room
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8 DIY for an adorable baby room

Our inspirations to make yourself the decor of the nursery

All moms will say, nothing is too good to make the happiness of her baby. But all agree that baby accessories and decorative objects are often synonymous with financial investments. Unless you are daring and put in the dough … We prove to you that with three times nothing, it is possible to decorate a nursery in an adorable way! How? Inspired by these 8 DIY deco that will crack big and small … 

1. A teepee shelf

DIY for baby room
© The wish tree

With the rise of bohemian decoration, tipis have found their place in many interiors. And even the little ones have the right to a trip to the Amerindian countries from their room! But this time, we are not talking about a real tipi but a shelf. The good news? We did not find it easier to manufacture! Indeed, you only need a few wooden planks and nails (or screws or glue)! Add a coat of paint to bring some softness and you’re done! To follow the different steps, you can take inspiration from the DIY blog Les Bulles de Cerise. As for the shape of your tipi, you can also choose to create a multi-story model as shown by the creation of Oui Are Maker.

2. A miniature wardrobe

DIY for baby room
© Indi and Bear

Is your baby already a fashion victim? Give him a dressing worthy of the name! Because the trend is in the exhibition, we cracked for this miniature wardrobe. It must be said, the children’s clothes are so small and so cute, that we have the desire to display them proudly in the room. To reproduce this material at home, you can take inspiration from the tutorial (in English but the images and the translation are enough) realized by Style Curator
Other ideas for making a child’s wardrobe: you can also hang your baby’s clothes on a wooden branch (itself hanging from a rope) or fix a rod under a shelf.

3. Cushions too cute

DIY for baby room
© The Lovely Drawer – Laura Gummerman on Beautiful Mess Actions

Cushions are like storage, there is never enough! To nap, relax or cuddle baby, we accumulate and we dare all the fantasies. And if you take the opportunity to create your own models? Between the mountainous cushions and the cat-shaped cushion, our heart swings. We succumb to the sobriety and elegance of the mountain-shaped cushions that we picture in a nursery with a Scandinavian or natural style. But the soft and sparkling colors of the cat-shaped cushion also make us totally crack. And since we can not decide, we let you choose your favorite model …

4. An ark of awakening

DIY for baby room
© The merry thought

The ark of awakening is intended to develop the senses of your baby. By having various objects above him, your baby can discover new sensations (touch and chew toys, observe different colors …). Rather than buying one ready for use, here is an example of an ark of awakening handmade with this DIY (in English) blog The Merrythought. The advantage of a hand-made ark of awakening? You can customize it as you see fit! And if the blogger has chosen to hang wooden toys, nothing prevents you from hanging stuffed animals and other small toys …! And because a good news never comes alone, know that this ark of arousal is easily stored since it was designed to bend!

5. An exotic wall mobile

DIY for baby room
© LiaGriffith

Do you like jungle style? Bring the exotic nature into the nursery with this mobile wall! Made mainly with felt, this adorable wall decoration features a toucan surrounded by flowers and tropical leaves. Located near the cradle, this beautiful bird will keep a close eye on your little one! For a change of scenery, complete your exotic decor with other stuffed animals (like wall trophies) or patterns on the bed linen: flamingo, parrot, monkey … And do not forget the flora with pretty flowers, pineapples or cactus! One thing is certain, the nursery will make you travel. To follow the step by step, go to the Lia Griffith blog.

6. A personalized mood board

DIY for baby room
© Zess

Wall trend par excellence, the mood board multiplies on all the walls of the house. By mixing photos, illustrations, quotes and other objects of all kinds, the mood board is perfect for personalized decor. And for good reason, it is a mood chart that evolves over the days and your desires. In the room, it will be able to transform as your baby gets older. To get started, you can follow the example of Zess. The blogger chose a wall grid to create her mood board! And if we like the idea so much, it’s because it’s as easy to do as it is economical!

7. Animal Hooks

DIY for baby room

© Sugar & Cloth

The animals are sources of inspiration in the decoration of a child’s room. And we understand why! Whether feathered or hairy, animals are both fascinating and comforting to the eyes of the little ones. To invite your favorite animals in the nursery, here is a DIY crisp! These are animal hooks. To get started, simply paint wooden doll heads and fix them to the wall. The blogger has chosen to create a seal, a fox and a panda but you can quite draw other small animals! We do not know you, but we, we would pique the idea for … the adult room!

8. A custom stool

DIY for baby room
Marie the pirate

We continue our selection with a new customization! The idea is simple: use an ordinary stool to transform it into a decorative object of style. And for the nursery, we can not do better than these adorable reasons. For the realization, you simply need acrylic paint and a felt to draw the eyes. Remember that this idea of customization is available on other decorative objects such as a vase or basket. In the same way, you can even use masking tape to give a boost to your old furniture!


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