6 things couples need to do after love

6 things couples need to do after love

We can not talk enough about the importance of preliminaries for sex, and how they can clearly improve the sexual experience. But what happens after sexual intercourse? What should be done? Do you have to get up and leave the bedroom? No, after making love things do not stop there because it must be an end that comes to crown this great moment of intimacy. According to sex experts and relationships, here’s what to do after love!

Intimacy after love

You are never as close to your partner physically as when you have sex. It is therefore obvious that the immediate moments after intercourse can be opportunities to take advantage of this intimacy and closeness. 
It’s important to always try to find ways to get closer to your partner, and those moments after love can be great if you know how to take advantage of it. You should never leave your partner immediately after intercourse, which can easily be interpreted in a certain way and find that only sex is important to you.
And if you do not know what to do exactly, this article is for you. Here are 6 romantic tips you can do after having sex with your partner.

1. Take a bath together

After some legs in the air in the bedroom, it is normal to sweat and be tired after the physical exertion provided. So why not jump in the tub or shower together? It’s always much more fun for two. And who knows you could leave for a second round in the shower.

2. Repeat

What’s stopping you from doing it a second time? Take time to breathe and look at each other in the eye. Start kissing and repeat the process again. Do it slowly. Go back to the preliminary stages and really take your time. Be very meticulous in your movements. Making love is one of the things that, if done the right way once, will probably be as good the second time.

3. Cuddle in the spoon position

It is very important to maintain physical contact after sex, but by reducing the energy expended. Physical intimacy does not always have to be related to sex. After making love, you can be very romantic by just cuddling your partner in the position of the spoon. This is an excellent choice after sex, as this position allows both partners to rest while keeping in close proximity, and maintain a certain romantic warmth that gives the woman a sense of security.

4. Talk about fun topics

Sex can be a very exhausting activity, especially for those who really tend to take things to very high levels. So, if you’re one of these, you can lighten the mood by talking about fun and funny topics that can ease some tension and allow you to relax both.

5. Look at each other in the eyes

Do not say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul? Sometimes intimacy can be as simple as looking deep into your partner’s eyes. You do not even have to say anything because it’s a very special way to show your love and interest to your partner after having sex. It is a connection that is established with your partner and that proves that what binds you does not stop at the mere physical contact.

6. Take the time to eat together

Making love allows you to work hard, and after doing it, you probably feel a little hungry. So, to keep this symbiosis between you, you can concoct together a snack or a fast and light meal. It’s always good for a couple to do things together and share a meal after a moment of intimacy.


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