6 occasions when filming a sex scene ended badly

6 occasions when filming a sex scene ended badly

There are times when what was going to be fun can end in drama …

The career of actor or actress in Hollywood has many advantages, but shooting a sex scene is not likely to be between them, especially if things do not go according to plan.

Here are some moments that will be recorded forever in the memory of those who starred them.

1. Allison Janney – Life in Times of War

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Allison Janney will have lived thousands of situations after 30 years working in television, film and theater, but surely none like the one she starred in during the filming of La Vida en Tiempos de Guerra , when the sex scene she had to shoot with her partner cast Michael Lerner had an unexpected ending.

“We had to make love standing up and I had to be against a wall, before we shot the scene we were sprayed with a bright liquid to look like we were sweating, but nobody noticed that the floor of the room was marble, “he explained during an interview.

“When the director shouted ‘Action’ Michael pushed me against the wall, but he slipped and fell to the ground, it was terrible, I can never forget it.”

2. Anne Hathaway – Love and Other Drugs

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It is normal that in a sex scene the members of the team act in the same way as in any other scene in the film. Therefore, during the filming of Love and Other Drugs,Anne Hathaway was not expected to appear naked when she did not touch her, showing each and every one of her charms.

Anne, who had Jake Gyllenhaal as a casting partner, thought they were rolling when she saw everyone in their respective positions, but it turned out not to be like that.

“I had to take off my raincoat, which was the only thing I wore, and stay naked,” he said at the premiere of the movie “But it turned out that it was just an essay, so I undressed unnecessarily in front of all those people!”

That’s what it’s called being on paper.

3. Ryan Reynolds – The Cambiazo

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The actors are the first to not want to spend too much time filming a sex scene in front of the whole team because … well, it’s always an uncomfortable situation. Ryan Reynolds did not know how to react when his co-star, Olivia Wilde, decided to play a joke on her.

“In one scene I have to take off her clothes, her bra and, suddenly, I find that she is wearing some covers in the form of smileys, ” she confessed in a television program. “I was left blank, I could not remember a single word of my sentence.”

“Then she would take my hands and put them on her breasts,” Reynolds continued. “When I took my hands off, I looked at them and there were two smiling faces, I did not know what to do or where to look, and like an idiot, I put my hands back on their breasts.”

4. Robert Pattinson – Maps to the Stars

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A sex scene is one of the most delicate moments of a shoot, especially for the people who have to star in it. How would you feel taking off your clothes in a room full of strangers, with cameras ready to record every movement, every moan, every sigh? Pattinson lived one of his worst moments during the filming of a scene of this type with Julianne Moore.

“I was sweating like a pig,” he said in an interview. “He tried by all means that the drops of sweat would not fall on his back.” When he finished, he said, “Did he give you a panic attack?” It was very uncomfortable. “

5. Dakota Johnson – Fifty Shades of Gray

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In a film that deals almost exclusively with sex, the “intense” scenes are the most normal, but in Fifty Shades of Gray Jamie Dornan ended up hurting his co-star, Dakota Johnson, in one of the hottest moments of the film .

“I hurt my neck in a scene where Jamie had to throw me on the bed,” he said in an interview. “It hurt a lot. We took many shots of that scene and hit my head again and again against the mattress. I could hardly move my neck when we finished shooting. “

6. Margot Robbie – The Legend of Tarzan

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During the filming of a sex scene, the director, David Yates, told Robbie to hit Alexander Skarsgård, something like a punch. I wanted to convey that Jane was a strong and independent woman. Said and done, the Australian punched her in the face and Skarsgård had to follow the scene with a nice bruise on her face.

“I did not hurt him,” Robbie confessed. “It was not a punch, it was just a tap. Besides, he’s a pretty tough guy. He can bear things like that without blinking. We just let ourselves go a little. “

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