5 yoga postures that will really improve your sex life

5 yoga postures that will really improve your sex life

Yoga is known for its many benefits to the body, for its anti-stress effect and relaxing for the mind, to stimulate the immune system , but there may be something you do not know yet: yoga can also improve your sex life.

Yeah! Practicing certain yoga postures can indeed strengthen some muscles in the pelvic area, which greatly improves the pleasure we can have when we make love not to mention that it also makes you want to try different positions that can, there also, give us a different pleasure.

Here are five postures of yoga to practice you and your half to have a sex life at the top and better orgasms  :

posture du pigeon-yoga-to-improve-the-life-sexual-1


While men tend to store all their tension in their shoulders, women tend to keep it in their hips.

The benefits of this posture:

The posture of the pigeon has the advantage of relieving tension in the hips and the second chakra, associated with the relationship with oneself and with others.

Practicing this posture makes you feel instantly closer to your partner and relax your hips.

Here is how to practice the posture of the pigeon:

1. Get on all fours. 
2. Slide the left knee forwards and bring the left tibia diagonally under the bust, with the left foot in front of the right knee. 
3. Slide the right leg back while placing the thigh on the ground. 
4. Place the left heel just in front of the right hip. The right leg should be stretched in the extension of the hip and turned slightly inward. 
5. Lift the bust and lengthen the lower back by pointing the coccyx down and forward. 
6. Slide your hands forward and lower your torso to the floor above your left leg. 
7. Relax and hold this position, forehead resting on the floor, for 10 deep breaths.
8. Get back on all fours then repeat the position on the other side.



The benefits of this posture:

The posture of the child, practiced in full consciousness, allows to refocus, to relax and evacuate all its stress while finding more energy.

We can then put this energy to use when we are in bed, to two, to be more present during the love and listen to his feelings.

Because sometimes we just worry about something else and it prevents us from enjoying these moments together.

Here is how to practice the posture of the child:

1. Get on all fours, knees wide apart from a yoga mat. 
2. Put your feet so that the big toes touch each other. 
3. Lower the hips towards the heels and ankles while leaning the chest forward and release the arms to the floor in front of you, palms down. 
4. Relax your back and rest your eyebrows on the floor. 
5. Inhale, leaving the rib cage open, then exhale, anchoring the hips into the ground. Hold the position for 20 deep breaths.



The benefits of this posture:

The dog’s posture upside down calms his mind, relieves stress and reconnects his body and mind.

This is one of the most famous yoga postures, among other things because it stretches the legs and allows to gain flexibility .

And if practiced by breathing deeply, this posture could improve sexual stamina. In any case, it’s worth trying!

Here’s how to practice the dog’s posture upside down:

1. Get on all fours on the mat and position the knees under the hips and hands under the shoulders. Spread the fingers, keeping the index fingers parallel and resting the toes on the yoga mat.

2. Raise your knees upwards by pushing on your hands. Keep knees slightly bent, heels raised. Stretch the coccyx then bring it closer to the pubis.

3. Push the upper thighs back and heels against the mat. Tie your knees without blocking them. Contract the upper thighs and tilt the pelvis forward.

4. Press the index finger base against the mat and lift the inside of the arms and wrists up to the shoulders. Flatten the shoulder blades against the back, then spread them and pull them toward the tailbone. Care must be taken to keep the head parallel to the arms.

5. Hold the posture for 10 deep breaths.



The benefits of this posture:

In addition to stretching the hips well, the bridge posture strengthens the perineal muscles that allow for greater orgasms.

This posture also stimulates blood circulation in the pelvic area, which increases libido and sensitivity.

Here’s how to practice the bridge posture:

1. Lying on your back, bending your legs and bringing your feet closer to the pelvis, palms of your hands turned under the shoulders near the head facing the carpet.

2. Lift the body slowly, letting the head roll slightly so that the top of the head reaches the ground.

3. Lift the pelvis upward, push on the arms and lift the head off the ground.

4. Relax your head and breathe deeply 10 times before returning to the floor by bending your elbows and knees.



As with any exercise, it’s important to be careful to mobilize the muscles you want to work on, and not just postpone one after the other.

Engaging your perineum is easy enough. Just think of the muscle you use when you want to stop peeing.

The benefits of this posture:

Practicing the board posture will allow you to tone your perineum, especially if you are really focused on this area, which will help you feel more fun when you make love.

This posture, which makes work both arms, abs but also the buttocks and thighs will work stamina, improve your sexual vitality and you will both develop your muscle strength all over the body and enjoy much more intense antics.

Here is how to practice the posture of the board:

1. Put yourself in the dog’s posture upside down.

2. Stretch the legs and move the bust forward so that the shoulders are in the same axis as the wrists.

3. Breathe deeply through the nose.

4. Get on all fours and chained for example with the posture of the child.


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