5 ultra-desirable makeup trends for spring

5 ultra-desirable makeup trends for spring

Spring is the tip of his nose and with him a gaggle of beauty trends that makes us want to change makeup routine. We have selected the 5 most important of the season, between natural and intense colors.

1- Goldeneye

Tom ford ss 18 9

One can remember the gray or brownish attempts of a little mastered smokey-eye that endlessly resembled a badly awakened raccoon’s eye. The Golden Eye, or the golden eye, is the hello of the one who never knew why the style of the 2010s was so good to Keira Knightley and so badly to their reflection in the mirror (we, in the occurrence).

No risk of sinking into an irreparable dramatic effect without the help of a drop of White Spirit, this trend spotted at Tom Ford or Temperley London is intended to illuminate the eye, and does not necessarily require a degree in aesthetics. It is abused without moderation, therefore.

2- Pop Mascara

Colored Mascara: Hot, Hot Pink

More affordable than the neon graphic eyeliner , the touch of royal blue mascara or fuchsia pink offers a little color to a more versatile outfit. It is worn on an impeccable but light complexion, which obviously lets glimpse the freckles, that one tries to make appear with the least ray of sun.

On the lips, a raspberry red one sports bitten or spread with the finger for a natural effect which contrasts with the inspiration 80s of the eyes.

3- Glittery look

Idée Maquillage 2018 / 2019  : Illamasqua eyeshadow in anja Lit Cosmetics glitter in solar blast S3 Elizabeth A

It will be understood, spring is all but the gloom. We are giving up our old dark palette habits to take on hues and textures that stand out – and we’re certainly not afraid to parade with the day.

This is the case for the glittery look, which creates a movement on the eyelid that breaks the codes, and goes at our fingertips, to say things nicely. Translation: try to put them a bit as you can, more or less asymmetrically, and it will work.

4- Fresh as dew

Blush-toned make-up complemented by sweeping half-up-half-down hairstyles and elegant ballerina buns - spring/summer

We come down from a color level floor. This spring, we also focus on the radiant complexion effect that does not seem to have been made up. A kind of authentic work based on pink blush and subtle gloss. We add a little mascara on the eyelashes to enlarge the look and we focus especially on the excess luggage hanging before our eyes.

You’ll see, everyone will think that you just returned from vacation, while you spent the weekend in front of Netflix.

5- Return of the kohl

Ryan Lo- ellemag

A little side 2000 years at the edge of the emo that seduces us, fans not really proud of Kyo and all the dances they will not dance anymore. As at the time, we place the kohl on the lower eyelid but this time we fade the line to avoid making our eyes microscopic.

The more glamorous will add a touch of greedy red on their lips and use the same shade to make their cheeks – teen one day, teen always.


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