5 trips you should do instead of falling in love

5 trips you should do instead of falling in love

Who wants to fall in love when these paradises exist?

Happiness is found in travel

Many times they put us in the head that the only way to be happy is to find love. Nothing more false! The first thing you should do is concentrate on yourself, learn from life, learn to be with yourself and then search (if that’s what you want) to share your life with someone.

While you are doing it, why waste time, energy, and money? Better strive to gain experiences and nothing has more wealth than traveling through the most paradisiacal places.

1.- The waterfalls of blue water

The waterfalls of blue water are one of the most incredible tourist spots that Mexico has. It is an area of ​​flora and fauna protection located in the state of Chiapas.

The blue colors are as clear as the glass and the palette that you manage to visualize makes you believe in paradise. Just remember not to go in rainy times.

The waterfalls of blue water

2.- Swing of the End of the World

In Ecuador, in the city of Baños, you will find the perfect place to find yourself. Imagine seeing the horizon, listening to nature, and all in a swing that seems to come from a fantasy story.

It is called the Tree House and has an impressive view of the Tungurahua volcano. The swing hangs from a place 2.5 km from the crater. Would you dare?


3.-Hierve el Agua in Oaxaca

It is a fossilized waterfall about 30 meters high formed by carbonated water that falls from springs. There is also archeology made more than 2,500 years ago by the Zapotecs.

They made a complex irrigation system and terraces. The show is worthy of being enjoyed and one of the most popular tourist spots in Mexico.

what to visit in oaxaca

4.- Cliff Trolltunga

It is also for the brave and those who are not afraid of adrenaline. It is a cliff in Norway and was formed 10 thousand years ago. Nature, the world, the past, everything is felt when you see the emptiness that is shown to you there.

You must walk for 4 hours in an ascent of 900 meters approximately. It’s a great journey, you need strength, condition, and patience; but it is a show that is totally worth it.

5.- The island of Bali

We are used to other tourist destinations, but Indonesia has one of the most beautiful beaches. Its beaches have white sand, intense green and ancient temples that will transport your mind to other eras.

You can go hiking, rest, or just take advantage of the beauty of nature. It’s your decision!


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