5 Tips to match your suit, shirt and tie

5 Tips to match your suit, shirt and tie

Suit with tie

You can not imagine how important it is to combine a tie with a shirt until you put yourself in a situation, and to choose a combination that works in harmony between a tie, a shirt, and a suit, for many of us implies a great challenge. And it’s not that difficult, you just have to follow some fundamental rules to get 100% correct.

5 fundamental rules that we must follow

When it comes to combining a tie with the shirt and the suit, there are a series of fundamental rules that must be followed and which are detailed below:

First, choose the suit

You do not have to start the house on the roof, and I tell you this because many times, we go through a store and a tie catches our attention, and what do we do? We buy it! Error if we do not know what we are going to combine it with, do not fall into the temptation to buy it.

First choose the suit, imagine that it is dark gray, take it out of the closet and put it on the bed, then choose the shirt and put it under the jacket. If you do not like the combination, choose another shirt of another color the shirt and try it with another color. For example, if you choose a light blue shirt with this suit, the appropriate tie will be a navy blue or maroon red.

5 Tips to match your suit, shirt and tie

If for example your suit is printed with stripes or pictures, do not forget to always use a shirt and a plain tie, of a single color.

Large print with small print .

5 Tips to match your suit, shirt and tie

If you choose for example a suit of a single color, such as dark blue or black, opt for a shirt with thin stripes in blue or white that give an original touch to the combination. With this, do not forget to wear a tie in one color or if you opt for a patterned tie, that this is for example with wider stripes than those of the shirt. Always follow this rule of small print with large print and vice versa.

The importance of harmony and contrast .

The combination of colors is found in looking for the harmony of the garments looking for the midpoint. In general, contrasts create harmony and colors that are balanced calm opposites. If you have clear skin, the shirts will go better in blue and light blue, on the contrary, if you have a pinker skin, the greens will be better. For all those who have darker skin, you can choose a wider range of colors.

The budget is important

Quinta, control what you spend. If you do not have a lot of money, buy key colors and leave out the striking patterns and colors, they will help you in your day-to-day costumes in basic colors such as black, gray or blue, they are a good wardrobe background and very easy to combine with different shades of shirts and ties.

5 Tips to match your suit, shirt and tie

Remember that as a general rule, the best combinations are:

  1. With patterned shirts, ties in plain colors.
  2. With plain shirts, ties of a single color or patterned.

Basic combinations of ties

blue suits spring 2016 (1)
  • black tie is ideal with a black suit and a white shirt, but do not combine it with a black shirt.
  • white, ivory or broken white tie will stand out very little if you put on a white shirt.
  • pink tie is perfect with a white or light blue shirt and a gray suit.
  • red tie combines with a white, blue and light blue shirt.
  • An orange tie is very good with an orange, white or blue shirt.
  • blue tie harmonizes with a blue shirt with the same or lighter shades, and also with a white shirt.
  • green tie will stand out with white, black or green shirts with lighter shades.

Did you consider these rules when combining a tie?

How to combine a gray suit

It is not always easy to choose a combination of shirt, suit, and tie, which results in a harmonious finish.

We will see below examples to combine tie and shirt with gray suits:

The light blue shirt and a cheerful tie

gray suit, light blue shirt

The first thing is to choose a gray suit. For example, it could be an elegant gray suit, in dark tones, of a material similar to flannel. We will put it on the bed and then we will choose the shirt. We will combine shirts, superimposing them on the suit, until we find one that is to our liking. A good example can be a light blue shirt.

The time for the tie arrives, what is the best option for a dark gray suit and a light blue shirt? There are different alternatives to ties: the rose and orange are lively and cheerful and will combine very well. It can also be a good choice of red wine or navy blue.

Combination of prints and plain: white shirt

white shirt with gray suit

A checkered or striped suit will combine well with a plain white shirt. Let’s take the example that we have chosen a gray suit in large squares. For this suit, it would be the best option a shirt in a single color, or at best in small, almost imperceptible pictures. For example, a shirt in white.

Regarding the tie, the same thing happens with the shirt. Being the checkered suit, the tie should be of a monocolor type; for example, an elegant red tone.

Black shirt

black shirt with gray suit

Another very elegant option for a gray suit is the black shirt, although it will be a more interesting choice for formal situations and business meetings.

This shirt combines well with different shades of gray but will stand out more in the case of a light gray suit.

Red shirt

gray suit with red shirt

It is the most daring combination. There are several red tones, from a vibrant and very resultón, to a dark red and burnt. It is also a good option to combine with different materials of the shirt.


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