5 tips to masturbate like a goddess

5 tips to masturbate like a goddess

Masturbation is a healthy activity that can improve your sexuality and even your life as a whole. How to become a goddess of vulva self-touch?

5 tips to masturbate like a goddess

Find the right moment, use media to get excited … So many key tips to touch you OKLM.

For my part, I was still struggling recently to guide my flock to the peaks of solitary pleasure for two reasons:

  • Everyone likes different things, there is no way to use masturbation. Dezo.
  • I started masturbating when I was 3 years old. Difficult for me to theorize such an instinctive activity.

Moreover, since my earliest childhood, I masturbated EXACTLY in the same way and I reached orgasm in 3,12 seconds, to ALL-THE-COUPS.

Almost boring, in the end.


I love when a plan goes without a hitch 

Then I landed a dream job Thewebfry, a nice lil mag, and sex toys finally entered my life as in my pussy.

I thought it was time to rediscover masturbation. To reinvent it even, do not be afraid of words. To move up a gear, or at the top level if you prefer.

In short, it was time for me to learn how to masturbate like a goddess.

In this quest for the cosmic kif, I was able to count on the precious help of the  American sex coach Layla Martin .

These tips suggest you make masturbation a real appointment with yourself, not just a mechanical marathon, direction a small orgasm zero.

It’s a bit of mindful masturbation that I propose to you there. Aaaah, neuroscience will definitely never stop fascinating me.

The main orientations of this art of letting go are addressed to a large audience:

  • Those who start completely in vulva touch
  • Those who want to explore another way of touching themselves
  • Those who wish to discover more about their body, their sexual potential and possibly to enjoy sex with a partner

Come on Jeannette panties, here we go!


Delay the touch of clit

The glans of the clitoris is the tip of this fantastic iceberg. This is the most sensitive place of ALL human anatomy (8000 nerve endings my mouth)

It is therefore easy to rub against almost anything to feel pleasure.

But as a goddess of universal sexual energy, you want your masturbation to be a full body experience, and that’s normal.

For this, you can use an oil that you love and spend the time to massage the chest, belly, groin, thighs …

This will awaken your whole body as an erogenous zone and make it a more intense experience than if you focus only on the clitoris.

Take his time

This moment must be as delicious as a granola bar at Starbucks. Believe me, considering the price they sell you three seeds and two raisins coated with glucose, you enjoy your bar.

It’s OK to have a quickie with yourself and make you enjoy faster than lightning.

But to practice a more conscious masturbation, you can give yourself as much time as when you take your shower at the hotel (me when the hot water is free, I make money).

Connecting to one’s breath by prolonging inspirations and expirations is a good way of releasing the mental to anchor oneself in the present.

The goal is to connect you more to your sexuality, it is to taste each sensation and slowly build pleasure.

Try something new

It is very easy to fall into a good old handjob routine.

Once found what works, the same pattern can be repeated over and over again giving excellent results.

But trying different moves or different places every time, trains you to experience pleasure in a wide variety of forms.

This prevents the brain from becoming stuck in habits and always following the same neural “highways”.


  • If you still touch your back, try on your stomach
  • If you only touch the clitoris, try things with your G-spot, your anus, your chest …
  • If you always make a circular motion, try to touch you from top to bottom

And so, and CAETERA.

Here emotions

Many women feel ashamed to touch each other.

Too bad because masturbation is something normal, healthy, and the feeling of guilt is only very enjoyable.

Practicing the love of oneself, one’s body, one’s fantasies is a good way to grow positive emotions around masturbation. It is not only working during self-sex but every day, and it’s a long job.

Fiddling with you can also bring back emotions of sadness, anger or make you feel weird or completely wild … It’s time to welcome what could come, to release all that thanks to the healing power of sex.

Concretely, it does not hesitate to make noise, even speak, shake, roll back his eyes … Go crazy bb. 


Impose your style

Define an intention

If you found Layla Martin’s previous tip too perched, hang on to your old Rabbit.

It is possible to masturbate for other purposes than having an orgasm.

Just like during a yoga session, you can define an intention, under which to place your masturbesque session.

The masturbation can be the occaz to work on the love of oneself, on the value that one carries, on which you want to be or what you want to appear in your life.

Yes, masturbating is like meditating. With physical pleasure as a bonus!

Here is my lil Buddha, you will be able to reach the Nirvana handjob, or at least explore new auto-sexual tracks … An adventure in itself and no pun intended.



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