5 positions to test to put a little spice in your Love

5 positions to test to put a little spice in your Love

When you are in a relationship for a long time, the routine is often installed, even in our bed. So here are 5 positions to test urgently to get out of the bed routine!

A couple who thrives in bed is a couple who can reinvent themselves.

To stoke the flame and always keep the same complicity despite the passing years, why not break the routine and try new positions?

The next time you make love together, avoid for once the missionary’s classic position and make room for novelties by testing a few positions that you are not used to choosing.


In this position, it is the woman who dominates the man. He is lying on his back and his partner stands above him, sitting or squatting.

For women seeking vaginal pleasure, this position is particularly recommended by sexologists because it allows them to be more active and decide the pace.

Moreover, you can put yourself in this position almost anywhere, even in a car.


Well, it’s okay, this position has something to put off some because of its bestial side.

The woman on all fours is not necessarily very rewarding when you think about it, but if you manage to ignore this idea and think about the pleasure that can be derived from it, this position is really very nice.

The greyhound indeed allows deep penetration and sensations very varied depending on the angle of penetration chosen, not to mention that your man has his hands free to caress you.

It changes, it’s very exciting and the pleasure is quickly increased tenfold!


This position can be experienced in many places: in the toilets of a restaurant, in the elevator, in the shower … hence its popularity.

By standing up, both partners can make love much more spontaneously and just about anywhere.

On the other hand, if the man is significantly larger than the woman, this position may be uncomfortable.

But we said positions to test, is not it? If you do not succeed, at least the laughter will relax you and you will always have a good time.

THE 69

Who does not know this position inspired by Kamasutra?

It allows the man and the woman to have fun at the same time.

Have you ever had the opportunity to try it, or has it been so long since you can remember exactly when? Maybe it’s time to get out of the routine.

Oral sex can be a way of stoking the flame, as long as you are comfortable with your body and have complete confidence in your partner.


The woman is lying on her back while her partner is kneeling in front of her, slightly raises her legs and holds them by the ankles while performing a movement back and forth.

If you wish, you can place a pillow under your buttocks to adjust the position and angle of penetration.

The Bateau Drunk is one of the favorite positions of men. This position allows them to have a bird’s eye view of their partner, which is very exciting.

For the woman, this position is also very nice because it has the advantage of allowing a very deep penetration.

You have several positions to test now!


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