5 Mistakes you make when flirting

5 Mistakes you make when flirting

These are the basic mistakes we all make when we try to connect with the child we like. Have you been guilty of any?

We all make mistakes when we try to flirt with our crush (even if we do not realize it). The good news is that it’s never too late to correct them!

These are five that we have all done at some time in our life:

  • Do not be yourself

Never forget! The best version of you is when you stay true to your personality. Remember to act as you normally would with your friends and family, so you will feel more comfortable with your date and he will see how you really are.

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  • See you desperate

Avoid acting as if he were your only and last option because we assure you that it is not. Many children get scared when the girl they are dating starts asking them where they are all the time or they send thousands of messages and then get angry because they did not get an instant response. Remember that we all have many tasks to do during the day.

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  • Get nervous

Breathe Although any first date involves a bit of uncertainty, we assure you that the child you are dating feels the same as you. Relax, nothing happens!

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  • Talk a lot about yourself

Show yourself interested in him: Ask him what he does in the afternoons, what he would like to study, etc. It is always nice when the other person seeks to know more about you. Tip: remember that it is not an interrogation, so ask the number of questions that you consider appropriate.

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  • “Futurear”

Many of us make the mistake of creating imaginary plans with our link. Although it is always good to think positively, remember that every relationship requires time and effort, so try not to rush things.

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