5 diseases that you can suffer if you do not have privacy

5 diseases that you can suffer if you do not have privacy

Spending time without having relationships seriously affects your cardiovascular and respiratory system, and women are the ones who suffer the most.

Many women like to experiment with different people.  In privacy, it is no secret that we talk about the size of a boy, how he did or how he behaves.

Having intimate relationships with your partner or not is one of the activities that most people enjoy. It is no secret that doing it with someone gives us pleasure and satisfaction.

It may still be a taboo subject to dream of having intimacy with someone, however, it is something very normal, since desires manifest themselves in different ways and that is one of them.

In addition, you must remember that doing it, releases stress, makes you feel more relaxed and although you do not believe it, it is beneficial for your health, but, did you know that not having sex can seriously affect your body?

Yes, as you read, there are many diseases that for lack of relationships, you can suffer. Spending time like this seriously affects your cardiovascular and respiratory system,  and women are the ones who suffer the most.

Therefore, I will tell you which are the five most common that you suffer from lack of privacy:

1. Memory loss

Having relationships often causes the body to irrigate blood and oxygen to the brain, if the opposite happens, it will continue to do its job but with less intensity causing lack of concentration and consequently, memory loss.

2. Ages faster

The woman produces collagen by nature, but for lack of intimacy, this can be lost and will make your skin look rough, dull and appear the dreaded wrinkles.

3. Low self-esteem

Not having intimate moments, makes some women think that they are not attracted to a man, which gives them to understand that they are not so graceful and that generates a problem of self-esteem.

4. Bad heart

Having relationships is considered a sport since the whole body works. If one does not keep ‘in shape’, the body suffers and the heart too, this causes heart problems like cardiac arrest.

5. Stress

As I said above, having intimacy helps relax your body. You will release all the stress you have because you will feel more free , satisfied and renewed. Also, your mood will improve.


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