3 things we can learn from babies

3 things we can learn from babies

Babies are the biggest miracle. They are small people with their own will and assertiveness. They are simple, authentic, self-confident and themselves.

Babies are sometimes our greatest teachers. They do not teach us through words and experiences, but only through their actions.

Although they have only been in this world for a few weeks and have the least experience, we can learn much from them.

Many parents worry about what’s going to happen to their children tomorrow and overlook the fact that they are already somebody.

1 Show how you really feel

Babies do not hold back. When they are hungry, they show it. When they are tired, they show it. When they are happy, they laugh. Little babies show, without hesitation, how they feel.

When growing up, many people forget how to express their feelings. Fearing the opinions of others and negative critics, they begin to keep their feelings to themselves.

Maintaining one’s own feelings rarely helps us.

How about a world where everyone would speak from their hearts and share their feelings? Probably kinder, sincere and honest. As we begin to speak openly about how we are, we give others the permission to do the same.

2 Live with curiosity

Babies have an insatiable curiosity. Her eyes scan everything around her. Every new environment is something special for them. They are hungry to explore the world. And not just with her eyes. They also explore with their ears, hands and mouth.

Many lose their appetite to explore this world. They stop learning once they have graduated. Then they always go the same way to work, eat the same food and read the same kind of books.

We should never forget that there are countless places, experiences, dishes and cultures that we want to discover.

What fascinated us as children? What was our passion? It is never too late to ignite the spark of curiosity.

At any moment we can do something different than usual, ask more questions or learn new skills.

3 Live in the present moment

The only two fears we were born with are the fear of the dark and the fear of loud noises.

All other fears we have trained in the course of life.

Fears rob our joy of the present moment, tearing us from the here and now. They cause us to deal with the future and worries and mentally imagine the worst situations.

Fears rarely help us. They make us feel stressed and despondent instead.

Little babies have a clear mind and live one hundred percent in the here and now. There are no fears that keep them busy and prevent them from experiencing life.

Every opportunity to experience something is immediately used without hesitation.

We always have the opportunity to change our behavior and shape new habits. We can always begin to be more in the here and now.

Happiness is no coincidence

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