15 internet popular people who look-alike celebrities

15 internet popular people who look-alike celebrities

You will never believe it if you do not see these people with your own eyes: their resemblance to celebrities is bluffing. Further proof that although the appearance of humans varies much more than those of other living things, our genes are not so different. And when these genes seem to be “short of imagination,” they can produce two similar faces in totally random places in the world.

At TheWebFry , we were surprised to learn that the look-alikes of some stars are very popular on the Internet because of this impressive resemblance.

1. Angelina Jolie and Melissa Baizen

People usually stop this woman on the street after confusing Angelina Jolie. This is Melissa Baizen, a mother of two from Wisconsin who says she’s totally different from Angelina. She attended the medieval Bristol festival disguised as Maleficent and remembers being surrounded by a large crowd of people who took her for Angelina.

2. Laura Dern and Maria Wojciechowski

Maria has imitated Laura many times and has had a lot of success. She even pretended to be Laura’s most famous characters and received the same attention on social media, or even more than the real Laura.

3. Selena Gomez and Sofia Solares

15 internet popular people who look-alike celebrities

© selenagomez / Instagram   © sofisolars / Instagram  

Sofia Solares, an ordinary girl living in Mexico, realized as she grew up that she looked a lot like star Selena Gomez. Savoring the success of being the look-alike of the beautiful, Sofia went ahead and tried several hairstyles and tinctures to look even more like Selena. Sofia is a great admirer of the actress and hopes that one day they will meet.

4. Ryan Gosling and Johannes Laschet

15 internet popular people who look-alike celebrities

© Georges Biard / Wikipedia   © joe_laschet / Instagram  

Johannes is a law student and a male fashion blogger. When first discovered as a Ryan Gosling look-alike, Johannes felt that the life of a person who looks like a celebrity is “a bit exhausting and sometimes too exhausting”. Johannes believes that not only his appearance but also his hobbies coincide with those of Ryan Gosling.

5. Ed Sheeran and Ty Jones

15 internet popular people who look-alike celebrities

© Ed Shereen Music / Facebook   © ty1991ed / Instagram  

It was during an ITV show that Ty Jones caught the public’s attention with its striking resemblance to Ed Sheeran. He works as a bingo presenter and park warden. But every time he appears in public, he is confused with the singer of “Shape of You”. The two men met and Ty is a big fan of Ed Sheeran.

6. Ariana Grande and Jacky Vasquez

15 internet popular people who look-alike celebrities

© arianagrande / Instagram   © jackyvasquez / Instagram  

Jacky Vasquez was fascinated when she realized for the first time that she looked like Ariana Grande. She began to  change her appearance by copying the makeup style and postures of the singer. What makes her the undisputed look-alike of Ariana is the dimple on her left cheek.

7. Kate Middleton and Heidi Agan

15 internet popular people who look-alike celebrities

© katemiddletonphotos / Instagram   Kate Middleton Lookalike – Heidi Agan / Facebook  

Being the double of a member of the royal family can be both a blessing and a curse. Former waitressHeidi Agan gained instant popularity when it was announced that Kate Middleton would become the Duchess of Cambridge. Heidi took the opportunity and sent his photos to a talent tracking agency and was contacted immediately. She says that her resemblance to Kate also has its drawbacks, especially when she is confronted with the negative comments of the internet “trollers”.

8. Kim Kardashian West and Kamilla Osman

15 internet popular people who look-alike celebrities

© kimkardashian / Instagram   © kamiosman / Instagram  

To date, Kim Kardashian West has already found five or six look-alikes, but this time it’s Kamilla Osman. The young woman has nearly 688,000 subscribers on Instagram, but she says she does not want to look like Kim. She blames her ethnicity and says she has never made a particular effort to look like Kim.

9. Emma Watson and Kari Lewis

15 internet popular people who look-alike celebrities

© Emma Watson / Facebook   © kariellex / Instagram  

If you’re a fan of Harry Potter , you might think that Kari Lewis owes his appearance to a magic potion! Her resemblance to Emma Watson is so incredible that she has been called Hermione Granger more often than her real name. Interestingly, at first she was not even a fan of Harry Potter , so she was extremely surprised every time people asked her if she was Hermione.

10. Leonardo DiCaprio and Konrad Annerud

15 internet popular people who look-alike celebrities

© leonardodicapriofeed / Instagram   © konradannerud / Instagram  

A server named Konrad Annerud has been designated as the Leonardo DiCaprio youthful look-alike. A resident in Sweden, Konrad began posing as Leo’s dummy as soon as he realized he looked like the famous actor. People often rush to take pictures with him, mistaking him for the  hero of  the Titanic.

11. Megan Fox and Claudia Alende

15 internet popular people who look-alike celebrities

© meganfox / Instagram   © claudiaalende / Instagram  

Thanks to her astonishing resemblance to Megan Fox, Claudia Alende has quickly become the most requested model by the advertising agencies for swimsuits and lingerie. Former candidate Miss Bumbum has gained immense popularity because of her appearance and  likeness to the actress.

12. Rihanna and Andele Lara

15 internet popular people who look-alike celebrities

© badgalriri / Instagram   © andelelara / Instagram  

You may have to look at these pictures twice: Andele Lara, founder of Grow & Glow, has a magical resemblance to Rihanna, especially when she was younger . From her hair to her characteristic red lips, Andele has everything you need.

13. Zayn Malik and Flamur Ukshini

15 internet popular people who look-alike celebrities

© zayn / Instagram   © flamuruk / Instagram  

Everyone who worked with Zayn Malik and thought he was irreplaceable was wrong. His look-alike exists and is called Flamur Ukshini. The professional model says he knew nothing about Zayn at first. It was only after people started sending him messages and commenting on his photos that he realized his resemblance to the heart breaker.

14. Aubrey Plaza and his look-alike

15 internet popular people who look-alike celebrities

© Placeborg / Imgur   © Byron Purvis / AdMedia / Capital Pictures / EAST NEWS  

This girl pretends to look like Aubrey on Reddit. What do you think ?

15. Emma Stone and her look-alike

15 internet popular people who look-alike celebrities

© East News   © Unknown / Reddit  

Here’s another regular girl, whose boyfriend shared the picture next to Emma Stone’s, asking Redditusers  if she looked like the famous actress. They confirmed his point of view. And you ?

Have you ever met someone who could be the look-alike of a star? Share your photos in the comments!

Cover photo Wikipedia , Melissa Bazan / Instagram 


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