14 pretty crazy tips that have been revealed by beauty bloggers
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14 pretty crazy tips that have been revealed by beauty bloggers

Every woman knows perfectly well that hair must always be well cared for. And for good reason, if they appear dull or neglected, and that the roots are fat, it really does not make a good impression. Fortunately, to avoid these inconveniences and always look at the top, there are some effective tips …

TheWebFry has selected for you several tips that will make the maintenance of your hair easier and more enjoyable!

1. You can gently wave your hair with a simple kitchen strainer

In this case, the sieve acts as a diffuser and helps to obtain a sophisticated and elegant hairstyle.

2. To “tame” electric hair, just use computer screen wipes

14 pretty crazy tips that have been revealed by beauty bloggers

Computer wipes are impregnated with an antistatic product that helps prevent dust from accumulating on the screen. They will also make your hair less bulky.

3. If your hair gets dirty quickly, use an antiseptic!

14 pretty crazy tips that have been revealed by beauty bloggers

Spread some hand sanitizer on your palms and apply it to the roots of your hair by massaging them with your fingertips. The antiseptic contains alcohol, which will help your hair to be cooler. But be careful not to use this method too often to avoid damaging your roots.

4. Uses a deodorant stick to prevent small short hair from getting over the hairstyle

To do this, lightly passes the deodorant into the hair. Your little hair will remain well fixed and your hairstyle will look absolutely impeccable and refined.

5. It is possible to curl your hair with a round-handled spoon

Simply heat the handle of the spoon with a hair dryer and wrap a lock of your hair. Look how to do here, it’s really simple and your curls will be guns!

6. Shaving foam will help you clean your hairbrush

Apply a thick layer of foam to the surface of the hairbrush and let it work for 15 minutes before rinsing it well with water. Your brush will be all clean!

7. If your hairbrush has an accumulation of hair and dirt, you can use shampoo and a toothbrush

Pour a little shampoo on your toothbrush, moisten your hairbrush with water. You can very easily remove all impurities with the movements of the brush.

8. Store hair dryer and hair straightener in one place with a plastic tube

Buy a double plastic pipe in the plumbing section. Place a sock on each of the holes as pictured above: your practical vertical storage space is ready for use!

9. If your hair gets dirty from wearing hats / caps, you can put some dry shampoo

To avoid leaving residues of the product on the hair, it is necessary to brush the hair when removing the cap.

10. So that the pins do not get lost in your purse, you can use a magnet or a magnetic tape

Snap a piece of magnetic tape to the lining of your bag or place a small magnet in the inside pocket. Now, you can be sure that the pins will not scatter everywhere in your purse and that you will not spend a thousand years searching everywhere to find one.

11. The hand cream can help solve the problem of split ends

Use a usual hand cream, and slip the residue gently into the hair. The tips will be better fed and will have less tendency to tangle.

12. Create a case for your hair straightener

Check out this video to understand how to prepare the case: take a towel-style cloth and fold it by sticking it to fit the size of your iron. Insert your iron and hang it on the wall, simply. Your sons will no longer twist and embarrass you.

13. The straightener will help you increase the effect of the hair mask

14 pretty crazy tips that have been revealed by beauty bloggers

Wrap two layers of foil around each side of the straightener. Apply your mask on clean and wet hair, then put the hot iron on your wicks. The high temperature will help the active components of the mask to be better absorbed.

14. The holder for the homemade hair dryer will allow you to do several things at once

Glue a nice piece of paper on a pot of chips so that the display looks pretty. Using a silicone gun, glue two suction cups to one side. Fix the stand on the mirror of the bathroom or in the most convenient place for you.

What do you think is the most unusual and original trick? Share your opinion in the comments below!


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