14 Moving stories of animal rescue during fires in California

14 Moving stories of animal rescue during fires in California

Since November 15, for reasons still unknown, the State of California (USA) has been affected by the most devastating fire in its history, and there is no indication that this problem will not begin again. More specifically, the north of the state, which has been dubbed “Camp Fire” , is the hardest-hit region, with Paradise being the worst hit  . Further south, in the area known as “Woodley Fire” , the city of  Malibu was ravaged by the advance of fire. In this context, hundreds of animals, domestic or wild, found themselves at the mercy of the flames without being able to defend themselves, frightened, and without knowing where to take refuge.

TheWebFry has gathered for you the most poignant stories of animal rescue during this fire, which were told by Internet users who were there, as well as by rescuers and volunteers. Without their work and their courage, nothing would be the same.

“On Friday, we received a call asking FS (Farm Sanctuary) to help evacuate animals from Malibu. We spent the next few days on the fire zone to help save them and relocate the survivors. I am so proud of my team who did not hesitate for a second and jumped into the trucks to rescue animals. I am fortunate to work for an organization like Farm Sanctuary, which has the resources to help animals, and I am very grateful to my boss, Susie, for her advice and support in this matter. As FS no longer has room, it is the Duem ranch that has agreed to host these two young ladies who have been saved from the fire. One day, they will go home, or they will come to FS, but for now, they are safe where they are. I am very tired, but so grateful to be where I am and to have the opportunity to help those in need. I love them so much! ”



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Our hearts are with everyone affected by the wildfires in California. Here’s a list of resources for people with animals. If you need help with emergency veterinary care for your pet, we may be able to help, too. Be safe! https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.mercurynews.com/2018/11/09/resources-for-people-with-pets-caught-up-in-the-camp-fire/amp/ #wildfires #fire #california #californiafires #emergency #help #petsafety #pets #petsofinstagram #petstagram

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“We are wholehearted with all those affected by the California wildfires. Here is a list of support for people with animals. If you need help or emergency veterinary care, we can help you. ”



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UPDATE: This cat and his family have been reunited!! When in doubt, share on social media and tag all relevant parties. You just never know what can happen!! ***The Nevada County Fire Department rescued this singed and very grumpy buddy from the #campfire. If you are physically able to help some animals, do it! Fostering for your local shelters is the best way. Finding your local rescuers online and asking to join them, also good. Pro tips for the adventurous: Don’t kidnap wildlife that isn’t in any danger. Don’t let animals run loose in your house until they’re vetted. Wear masks. Stay safe. Godspeed. #woolseyfire #californiafires #animalsafety #evacuation #mandatoryevacuation #firestorm #voicesforfosters

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UPDATE: This cat and her family have finally found each other! In case of loss of an animal, share your photos on social networks and identify everyone involved, you never know what can happen! Firefighters from Nevada County rescued this gritty ball of hair on CampFire. If you are physically fit to help animals, do it! Collecting them in local shelters is the best way to save them. Finding local rescue teams on the internet and joining them is also possible.

Professional Advice for Adventurers: Do not try to catch wild animals that are not in danger. Do not let go of those who need to be examined. Wear masks, and think about your safety. Good luck.”


“We had an amazing night! We saved 13 sheep, 2 turkeys, 1 peacock and 3 hens from the fires. ”


“This is Buddy, we found him through Concow, California. He was abandoned in unknown circumstances. We found him lying in front of the door of his house, he looked sad and was still shaking. A neighbor who preferred to stay during the evacuation, and who fought the fire on his property takes care of him and several animals from the area. He’s eating and he’s getting better. He misses his family, that’s all. We hope that evacuations will be completed in the coming weeks. ”



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Una soccorritrice in cerca di vittime degli incendi in California porta in salvo Suzie Q, dopo che il cane, che aiuta nelle ricerche, era caduto tra le macerie nella zona di Holly Hills a Paradise in California. I vigili del fuoco sostenuti con l’aiuto di aerei cisterna ed elicotteri hanno combattuto contro il fuoco che sta devastando da una settimana diverse aree dello Stato. Le autorità hanno diramato una lista di 100 persone che mancano all’appello. Almeno 51 sono le vittime accertate finora e squadre specializzate nel recupero dei corpi stanno andando casa per casa con l’aiuto di cani come Suzie Q. (Foto: AP Photo / Noah Berger; JOSH EDELSON/AFP/Getty Images) #california #californiafires #fuoco #fire #cane #dog #vigilidelfuoco

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“A rescuer looking for victims of the fire takes Suzie Q to a safe place. This bitch, who participates in research, has fallen into rubble in the Holly Hills neighborhood of Paradise, California. The firefighters, helped by helicopters, fought the fire that devastated several areas of the state for a week. At least 51 victims have been confirmed so far, and specialized body recovery teams are going from house to house with the help of dogs like Suzie Q “.



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Your generosity inspires us so much! We have exceeded our $100,000 goal, which means $200,000 for wildfire relief after our matching grant. We will continue to match donations past the goal total!

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“Your generosity motivates us so much, we have exceeded our goal of $ 100,000, which means we have $ 200,000 to help us fight wildfires, and we will continue to distribute your donations beyond this goal!


“As my heart accompanies all those involved in the California fires, I remember how much I support and appreciate our firefighters and our rescuers … I thank them from the bottom of my heart!”



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Thank you all so much for your support and donations over the past 24 hours. Because of you we are able to give these burn victims the care and medical attention they need to survive! They are currently being treated at our vet hospital in Agoura Hills and are healing nicely. Please continue to support and donate to our cause as these animals need your help to stay healthy and have a second chance?PayPal: thelittleangelsprojectca@gmail.com Venmo: @littleangelsproject #woolseyfire #californiafires #fire #animals #animal #animalrescue #rescue #animalmedicine #animalovers #help #firevictims #wildlife #agourahills #calabasas #woodlandhills #thousandoaks #malibu #ventura #venturacounty #losangeles #lacounty #lacountyanimalrescue

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“We are wholehearted with the families and pets affected by the fires in California. We send our heartfelt thanks to the rescuers who fought the fire. Some of our own San Francisco Animal Care & Control (SFACC) employees are actively working in Butte County. If you want to help, visit our Facebook page to see all the organizations that help the victims and need volunteers, supplies or money. ”


Today, Officer Fenson returned from Butte County with 10 dogs that he rescued. These are lost dogs that have moved because of the fire, so do not hesitate to share these pictures and help them find their masters! ”


“Mass evacuations of animals are continuing in California. The lives of thousands of animals are also at stake. ”



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UPDATE: Hi all! Again, we cannot thank you enough for your support! Here is some new info on our wounded animals from the Woolsey fire. This sweet kitty (our staff has nicknamed him Sparky) is healing wonderfully with the constant attention of our medical staff. Today we were able to give him honey-infused pads for his paws to help granulate tissue to heal his feet. These pads soothe his paws and helps keep them moist to speed up the healing process. They are continuing to treat all burns on his face and had to amputate the tips of his ears since they were so badly burned. This swan was brought to us with a broken leg from Conejo Valley vet as they’ve been overwhelmed dealing with patients of their own, and our doctors were able to provide free medical care to help this sweet animal heal! As a reminder, we are providing FREE MEDICAL CARE to all those affected by the fires and also to any rescues who are not able to provide medical attention to their pets because of this chaotic, stressful time. Thank you all again for all of your support, and we promise to keep you updated as frequently as we can? #animalrescue #animal #rescue #woolseyfire #californiafires #fire #agourahills #calabasas #woodlandhills #thousandoaks #malibu #volunteer #lacounty #ventura #losangeles #venturacounty

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“UPDATE: Hello everyone! Once again, we will never thank you enough for your support! We have news of the animals we saved. We took this swan with a broken paw from a veterinary clinic in the Conejo Valley because they are submerged by their own patients, and our doctors have been able to provide care to help this beautiful animal recover! FYI, we are offering FREE MEDICAL ATTENTION to all those affected by the fires, as well as to anyone unable to help their pets in this catastrophic period. Thanks again to all for your support, and we promise to keep you informed as often as possible. This nice kitten (our staff nicknamed him ‘Sparky’) is recovering wonderfully thanks to the attention of our medical team. Today, we were able to apply honey-soaked compresses on the legs to help damaged tissues heal. They will soothe her burns and keep them moist to speed up the healing process. We continued to treat all the burns on her face, and we had to amputate her ear tips because they were badly burned. ”


“This little rabbit was saved from the California fires, and the fireman who found ‘Burney’ decided to adopt it.”

If you have other stories to share on this topic, tell us in the comments, and do not hesitate to share this article with all the people around you!


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