100 reasons why i love you

100 Reasons Why I Love You

100 reasons why I love you

1st – because you make me feel special just by being by my side.
2nd-Because I can only see you when I close my eyes and I only want to see you when I open them.
3º-For overflowing my life, my day to day with your love.
4th-for being unique and mine.
5th-because you are the child with whom I would like to share the rest of my life.
6th-for making me happy every day 

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7º-because of your way of being and loving.
8º-for loving me as I am.
9º-for cheering me up when I’m wrong.
10-because you are simply PERFECT.
11º-Because you know more than me about myself.
12th-In the afternoons we have spent together
13th-Because I can’t imagine a life without you
14th-to know every detail of me.
15º-For making me know what LOVE is.
16th-because I don’t count the hours with you because I know it will be forever.
17º-Because just by telling me I love you, you get anything from me.
18º-For having that laugh I want to hear every day of my life.
19th-for always giving me a smile.
20th-because you smile whenever you see me (L).
21º-For letting me be myself at all times.
22º-Because of the way you laugh at your own jokes.
23º-For those eyes full of hope.
24-for how you say you love me 

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25-for the way you caress me.
26º-For making me laugh when my mood is on the floor and my days are gray.
27º-For showing me parts of me that I didn’t know.
28º-For being so affectionate the days I deserve it and those that I don’t.
29º-To me whenever I need you.
30º- for being that someone I can always trust.
31º-for your kisses that drive me crazy.
32º-for being so detailed.
33º-for knowing exactly what I feel.
34º-For being the joy that encourages me to wake up every morning.
35º- for not fearing commitment.
36º-For all the moments shared and those that are still to be shared.
37º- For drying yesterday and today all the tears I shed.
38º-for always worrying about me.
39º-For being the happiest person has made me in a long time.
40º-because when I’m with you I feel complete.
41º-For giving details to everything we do.
42º-For getting me out of the loneliness that has long haunted me.
43º-Because you deserve it.
44º- For trusting me with your secrets and keeping mine.
45º-for helping me get up every time I fell.
46º-For filling my life with joys and illusions.
47º- For all the words that you have left in my heart.
48º-For having the ability to make me happy without TRAPS or consequences.
49º-For letting me express everything I feel and want.
50º-Because you are the cure for all my wounds.
51º-for opening your heart and your life and sharing them with me my love.
52º-as you say I love you.
53º-For supporting me and helping me every day.
54º-for finding the precise word at the right time.
55º- For making my desire to live and share life with your overflow.
56º-For having the right words to make me strong or to get up in the falls.
57º-For how you risk everything for me.
58º- For all your virtues, and your defects when I find them because for me you are perfect.
59º-For being the first thing I think when I wake up and the last thing I remember dreaming.
60º-because I am nothing without you.
61º-because I love you so much that I can hardly explain what I feel.
62º-because I don’t want you to ever forget me because I won’t forget you.
63º-because you are the most important thing in my life.
64º-because without you my life would not make sense.
65º-because you are my world.
66º-because I no longer have eyes for someone other than you.
67º- because when I met you it was the happiest day of my life.
68º- because my heart feels it and knows that you are my life and without you, I cannot live.
69º-because I discovered something that never made sense and that weird thing that I felt now I know has a word … that word is … LOVE.
70º-for thinking of me.
71º-for making me feel so immensely HAPPY being together and without being.
72º-For being there in bad times and good times.
73º- For making me feel that the time by your side is very short although a thousand hours have passed.
74º- for rejoicing every day.
75º-For teaching me something new every time we meet.
76º-for the things you tell me.
77º-for being my friend, my lover, my boyfriend, my partner, my EVERYTHING.
78º-for making me be the way I am.
79º-for loving me as you love me.
80º-because when you hug me you make me feel unique.
81º-For being My Sun in the middle of the storm.
82º-Because you are special and unique in everything you do.
83º-Just for existing
84º-Because you make me feel special just by caressing me.
85º-for being the only thing I need to be happy.
86º-Because I melt every time you talk to me.
87º-for your surprises.
88º-Because of the way you look at me 

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89º-Because you are able to make the best of me.
90º- because when I’m missing you give me the strength to move on.
91º-for letting me choose where to go, what to do …
92º-for loving me above all things.
93º-Because you are the first for me in everything.
94º-For giving me the courage and strength to achieve my goals.
95º- for making me feel that I am the only girl in your life.
96º-Because only with you I feel capable of everything.
97º-For each and every one of the moments lived and for being by my side.

98º-For letting me dream.
99º-for not forgetting me.
100º-because every day I have one more reason to LOVE you.

– These are the 100 reasons why you are the most special thing in my life, I came up with more, but with 100 I think it is enough

I hope and they like it


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