10 Things to Know for Your Simple Safety Tips and That Could Save Your Life!
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10 Things to Know for Your Simple Safety Tips and That Could Save Your Life!

– Do not use your mobile phone while walking: your brain can no longer alert you to the dangers of the road in this case.

– In case of a plane crash do not put your lifejacket inside the plane: otherwise, you will float in the cabin without being able to get out.

– Learn Hamlich’s maneuver to avoid choking yourself:

Place your fist, the side of the thumb, just above the belly button of the person. Firmly grasp the fist with your other hand and move it upward, applying strong pressure to the ribcage.

Repeat the quick pushes up and in until you dislodge the object blocking their airway. If none of the actions mentioned above produce an effect, include the person on a fixed horizontal object, such as a table edge, chair, or railing, and press their abdomen just above the belly button against the edge to produce fast pressure up.

Repeat until the object is expelled.

-Learn the limits of your body according to the rule of 3 three on average, people can live 3 minutes without air, 3 hours without shelter in extreme weather conditions, 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food.

-If a frying catches fire, your first reflex should be to turn off the gas to avoid the explosion.

-Never put water to extinguish a flaming oil.

-Do not remove sharp objects or knives from your wound, you may damage a vessel or nerve, wait for rescue.

– the biggest threat during a fire is from carbon monoxide fumes, no burns. To avoid inhaling toxic smoke, try to stay as close to the ground as possible – until you leave the danger zone.

– Always carry documents attesting to your state of health:

These documents should include medical information (such as your blood type, allergic reactions, etc.). In this way, if something unexpected happens, even a complete stranger will be able to offer you fast and efficient assistance. Do not forget either a list of personal contacts: phone numbers of people who must be alerted in case of emergency.


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