10 Real cases of love at first sight

10 Real cases of love at first sight


Love at first sight is known as a “crush” and refers to a set of intense feelings that two people experience between the first five and ten seconds of having seen each other. Although it sounds very fanciful, this physical and intellectual attraction that you feel for someone as soon as you look at it does exist. Not all people have happened, but those who have lived, describe it as something magical.

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scientific study from the University of Syracuse revealed that emotions and feelings of love can appear from 0.2 seconds after having visual contact with that special person. This is because 12 areas of the brain release chemicals such as dopamine, adrenaline and oxytocin that make us feel a lot of emotion and acceleration, so you feel that it is a unique feeling in the world.

But how exactly does it appear? Ten people revealed their real cases of love at first sight, here we leave them!

1. « The first time I saw my current husband, I was 15 years old. It was summer, he was my waiter, and when we exchanged glances, I swear that everything around me slowed down and I knew it. It was only a second while he walked around a corner, but he remembers that second as clear as I did as if it had been yesterday. He had never seen a more handsome boy (he was only 15 years old, but he had had some boyfriends). That night, we found ourselves watching a movie after its turn. He kissed me for the first time (although he will tell you that I was the one who kissed him), and I swear, my breathing stopped, my head spun, and we both knew it was more than a passing romance. Today is 15 years later; We have been married for seven years and we have three children who are the light of our life. I feel butterflies every time he kisses me, and both of them stillWe talked about the first time we met and how we learned, 15 years before, that something fit, something connected between us. If something is called love at first sight, it is to this »- Morgan.

2. “It was a beautiful morning in Cabo San LucAs. I flew that morning for a photoshoot (I was a model at that time in my life). I was getting comfortable in my room and I walked to my patio and saw this handsome man walking towards me. She was possessed by his gaze. It seemed that it was right next to me. I fell in love with the first conversation. Everything seemed too adequate and I thought, “Can this be real? Can he really be that great, or is it a beautiful place where we are? ” After three romantic days, we got married in Cabo!We both lived in Los Angeles and when we returned, it is little to say that it was strange. I didn’t know anything about him! After three months we moved together and officially married in the country. Now we have been married for almost four years and we have a 2-year-old child. We have not had a difficult fight yet and we are still so in love, if not more, like the beautiful day we met in Cabo »- Courtney.

3. «My husband and I met online 15 years ago when it was the beginning of online dating. After some emails, we had our first phone call. When I realized that we had gone to the same children’s camp and that we shared a similar upbringing and values, I knew, without seeing it, that he was THE man. He says he knew it was love when I opened the door to see us for our first date. We have been married for more than 12 years, we have two daughters, and our love inspired a novel » – Lisa.

4. «I saw him for the first time on the other side of a busy gym in a motivational meeting during college. My roommate and I were having fun fighting in large and inflated sumo suits that they wear at events and carnivals. When I returned to my group of friends after that, someone said ‘Good job Kristen!’ It was love at first sight, but I had no idea who it was and who knew my name. John and I met a few nights later at a Halloween party and we’ve been together since then. Going forward 10 years later, we have gone through law school (he), living in a foreign country (me), moving to the other side of the country twice, and much more. We celebrated five years of marriage in January and welcomed our first baby in March.Our relationship grows and changes every year for the better »- Kristen.

5. “The first time I met my husband was as a rookie at the university. A friend in my bedroom was excited to meet this handsome boy in the physics lab in the morning. She had invited him and his friend for snacks after class and wanted to order some coffee. I brought the coffee, still in my dressing gown, when they arrived. I immediately liked the boy’s friend, and then he said the same about me. We both gave clues to our respective friends, after three months, we went out on our first date, and five years later we got married. The original couple ended in less than a year while I and my husband have been married for 35 years (and that is perhaps because he met me at my worst moment!) » – Susan.

6. «We were both 19 at the time. I met him at a party in a boat that I hardly go to. When he entered, I immediately knew that I wanted to be with him. I gathered my friends in the bathroom while I asked for it, so they would know that I was interested. He felt the same. Going forward in time, today we are 27 years old and we are married. I always knew he was the man for me « – Lacy.

7. ” Almost 11 years ago, I walked by my current husband in one of the corridors of our high school, and I was attracted by his look. They say that the eyes are the window of the soul, and that is exactly the case. His eyes were the sign of his incredible qualities, inside and out. His eyes captivated me so much in that hallway, and I wanted to meet him from that moment. We’ve been together since then and we’ve been married for three years. “- Candace.

8. ” I met my husband in my junior year of school when he introduced me to the study hall. There was something in him that simply echoed in me. He seemed very genuine and incredibly sweet. A month or two later, we stayed after school and studied in the library, while we met, and the rest is history. In school years, he would write me poems sometimes and he would give me flowers just for the sake of it. I had no money, but I remember that in that same year for Christmas, he gave me a box of chocolates. He saved money by removing snow from his neighbor’s entrance, just to give me a gift. Officially we became boyfriends in our last year. We made it official one day that we made a trip to New York. A few years later, he proposed to me in a carriage in Central Park. Then, in 2013, we got married and had a New York-themed wedding, in the same place where we had our graduation and we shared our first kiss.We have been a couple for 11 years and married for 2. It was love at first sight for both. I do not know what I would do without him »- Felicia.

9. «I saw a notice for a singing contest in Manhattan and I went for no reason. To my surprise, I won, and my prize was my own female cabaret show. I didn’t know anything about cabaret, but if New York producers want to give you a show, you take it. I started going to the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts every day to look for music, and there I met Scott, whose job was to deliver the music in the library. When I saw it for the first time, I thought I saw an aura of light in it and felt the strange sensation that I knew it very well, even if I had not seen it before. Now we have been married for more than a decade » – Natalia.

10. “It was on my first night attending a bar in a place in Columbus, Ohio, and he was a regular customer or something. It turned out that we were both going through ruptures and we started talking about our love for animals, and he said ‘I have two cats and the Dobermans are my favorite dog’. Ah! Instant love, He had always loved the same dogs, had a cat at the time, and only loved animals in general. We started dating in October, we started living together for Christmas and we moved out of town in March. That happened 13 years ago » – DJ.

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And you, have you lived an experience of love at first sight?


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