10 celebrities who are proud to be single mothers

10 celebrities who are proud to be single mothers

Strong, successful women with a huge mother’s heart. Here we will show you some of the most famous single moms in the show who managed to get their children ahead, even without the support of a couple.

1.- Erika Buenfil

famous single
source: Faces

This great actress, it was her turn to take care of her son on her own, as it was until a couple of years after the birth of her son, Nicolás de Jesús, that the identity of her father, who is nothing more and nothing less than Ernesto Zedillo Jr., son of the former Mexican president.

2.- Violet Isfel

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Image Source: In the brazier

She is a woman who became a mother at a very young age, because at 18 she gave birth to her son Omar, at the time she was studying to be an actress in the CEA. Currently, your child is going through the stage of puberty.

3.- Gloria Trevi

Gloria Trevi

Source: Telemundoarizona

Angel Gabriel, the child born of the relationship of the singer with Sergio Andrade, is the son and mover in the life of Gloria Trevi. Despite the time she spent separated from him, because she was in prison, she managed to get it out on his own.

4.- Ana Barbara

ana barbara

Source: Azteca.com

The singer has known very well what it means to be a single mother since she has 5 children who are the product of different love relationships; one of them, the one he had with the singer and composer Reyli Barba.

5.- Alicia Machado

single mothers

Source: Debate

Dinorah, the daughter of the former Miss Universe, sparked much controversy due to speculation about her father’s identity, as she came to believe that the child was the daughter of a drug trafficker. Years later, the true identity of his father, who is the Mexican businessman Rafael Hernández Linares, came to light.

6.- Aracely Arambula

Aracely Arámbula

Source: Faces

When separating from Luis Miguel, this beautiful actress worked hard to get her two children forward, the fruit of the relationship with the singer. She completely separated from the singer and became an exemplary single mother.

7.- Alejandra Guzmán

Alejandra Guzman

Image source: Masaryk

In 1992, she interrupted her career to take charge of the development of her daughter, Frida Sofia. She has been a spectacular single mother who always respects her little girl’s individuality.

8.- Stephanie Salas

Stephanie Salas

Image source: Faces

The singer Luis Miguel, never took responsibility for the daughter who procreated with the rocker Stephanie, Michelle, because he never agreed to be the father.

Stephanie took care of her daughter on her own and, currently, live completely happy and enjoy the good mother-daughter relationship they have. A short time ago, both paraded together for the famous Italian firm Dolce & Gabbana.

9.- Fabiola Campomanes

Fabiola Campomanes

Image source: TV Novelas

After finishing her participation in the reality show “Big Brother”, the actress searched everywhere for sustenance that would allow her to get ahead with her daughter.

10.- Edith Gonzalez

Edith González

Image source: Faces

There was a lot of talk about when the actress gave birth to her daughter because speculations were filled over whether the capital’s boss at that time, Santiago Creel, was the father of her daughter. The entire birthing process was kept secret and she only said that her baby was born with the same blue eyes as her.


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